Rangers Christmas advert


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As good as any John fucking Lewis christmas ad.

top drawer from the media team at the club, nice touch to include Mr John Greig on the eve of the 50th anniversary.

Top class, emotional and a nice touch given the circumstances and time of year.


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Orange Bear

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Excellent video. The wee kids would have loved being on the park.

I was looking for some Rangers baubles, struggling to get them though.

Liked the wee snow globe too.


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A very well made Xmas message to all our fans the world over. Santa is red. Snow is white. We are blue. The world is red, white and blue. WATP.


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Great to see our lassies on the park in this advert, no longer just love them with blue scarfs on
Home sick big time (Ibrox) now like so many others I imagine, think I may just book the flight


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After seeing Celtic's cringeworthy effort, I have to admit I feared the worst when I opened this thread but thankfully it was tastefully done & I actually enjoyed it
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