Rangers' defeat left me so raging I aimed flip flop at my new telly but where was the players' anger? - Barry Ferguson


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It’s a good article that all of us can relate to, but I was struck by this passage:

“Most importantly, I could see that same pain written all over Gerrard’s face. I could tell just by looking at him he is not prepared to accept what these players have been giving him since they returned from the winter break.”

The questions I find myself asking here then are 1) why isn’t Gerrard getting through to these players? and 2) why didn’t he change things around much earlier if he was so unhappy with what he was getting from them?

I’ve said since last summer that I didn’t think we had enough genuine quality in the side to lead us to the title. This is the effect of being limited financially. Gerrard doesn’t have the options to turn to in order to make significant ingame improvements. It’s not so much that the players aren’t giving him enough so much as they’re simply not good enough to do so consistently over a 60 game season.

So unless we’re able to better bridge the financial gap that exists between ourselves and the Yahoos, Gerrard is always going to face an uphill battle.


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Agree with Barry, there are times on here when we as a support have questioned our team's bottle?we have to meet and match other teams physicality,and aggression,and no it's not all down to the referees.


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Can’t disagree with him at all. I’d give my left nad to have a player like him in our midfield right now.
Absolutely. Sadly in this day and age if we had a player of his quality he would have been snapped up by an EPL club way before he went there in his day. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to have players of genuine quality in our country.

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Any single one of us on here could have written that, well said Barry - so how many players have log ins on here though. They need to get the message or ship out ASAP.


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You are spot on with that thinking.

I’ve said this before but when things aren’t going the Mhanks way at other teams grounds, they abandon the plan A and lump it forward, intimidate, break up the play, basically whatever it takes within the confines of what the refs let them off with (which is a lot)

The Rangers players need to start getting ‘mean’ and playing like there’s nothing they will accept other than victory. Play a fair game and be respectful as they always are but ffs try to grab the game and change it. Barry Ferguson was a wee shit and I hated him playing against us but he could wake the dead and get them fighting.
We have been soft as shit for 10 years.


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Normally Barry writes a load of toe the line nonsense but he's got it spot on here.


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I think Tav is a good player. I think Tav is a good captain - he is a good role model, represents the club well and is clearly respected by the players.
He isn't a shouter!

There is nobody in there to stir things up to provoke a reaction.

We are too nice!

Even if you go back to the Joey Barton debacle. After we were gubbed, I WANT the players hurting. I WANT them angry on the training ground the next day. Get it out there! So long as there's no grudges kept for later.

We win as a team. We lose as a team.

Yes., our wee Colombian had a poor game by his standards the other night. People also said he was poor against Hamilton and Hibs.............but I would disagree. For those 2 other games, he got shots away and on target. So, I regard Wednesday as isolated.

It's unfair on the "other" centre half from Goldson to know that if they make 1 mistake - they are dropped.

We know that we have a decent - even good team. But, it's not quite there yet. We need an out and out leader. Someone who will take a booking - but, make sure it's a deserved one.

A total clear out - again - is not the answer. But, we need to look at the players we have and are they good enough. Why did we keep Ojo - and send Jamie Murphy out for example?


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First time in a long time I’ve felt like saying I’m standing beside Barry Ferguson right now.


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The issue for me isn’t the reaction to going 1-1 - I thought we were unlucky not to go back in front. The problem is in sitting on a 1-0 lead, either thinking the game is done or lacking the killer instinct to kill it off. The reason referee clangers are mattering is because we’re not putting teams way. The Hibs away performance in Dec is the template. The manager takes a lot of blame here as he should have seen this pattern playing out on Wed, yet he did nothing to change it.


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We are nowhere even near savvy enough for that.

The thought of going five in midfield and seeing out a 1-0 when we’re struggling a wee bit actually seems alien to this squad and management.
At times I think you have played scintillating football this season, particularly against us in the cup semi and also at the piggery.

Now it’s looking as though you’re right and there isnt a plan B if the game gets ugly, which it will against 10 of the other 11 teams in the league. Look at Tynecastle the other week, the minute one mistake is made suddenly you are second to every ball and instead of flooding the midfield with an extra body the game plan stayed the same.


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We have been soft as shit for 10 years.
I’ll go with that. Last season it was points dropped against teams you should have beaten that cost you and ultimately it looks like that’s going to be the story this year unless something drastic/unexpected happens with both Rangers players attitudes and Celtic going through a huge slump. It’s okay having superior players which imo rangers do but if the application and fight isn’t there then it won’t win the day.


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He has a point about the team but there's also the issue of refs either being biased or scared to give fair decisions in our games.


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Have the refs finally got to the players? They see the challenges/tackles they get against them and refs don’t book any of their players. Just wondering if the players are thinking what’s the point?
No player would make it to the SPFL never mind Ibrox with that attitude. What they are failing to do is adapt and overcome. If we can't deal with the problem in front of us then we're not good enough and changes have to be made.


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Can't take any article slagging the team seriously that doesn't even mention the ref.

We really are rubbish at shining a light on the shitty refs that we are having to put up with.


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Not saying it should have been Barry, but there was definitely a place for a former player in SG’s staff.

You have to wonder if the current guys really understand what we are up against in Scotland.

Every single team despises us and will always go the extra yard to beat us. Maybe the current staff, not used to the hate filled environment of Scotland, don’t get that?

Sure they get the hatred that the tarriers have for us and they manage to motivate the players accordingly but what about the other clubs?

A Kevin Thomson, a Neil McCann or even a Barry Ferguson would leave the players in no doubt that they face hate filled tarriers every single week not just when we go to the scum hut.
Allan McGregor is in there and to a lesser extent Davis, although he has a quieter personality.

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What does Barry mean exactly by anger ? For the players to show more aggression on the pitch if we concede goals ? To do that would be suicide and mean only more yellow and red cards flashed at an already passive Rangers side. Our players are already inhibited in how we play due to refs slavering at the mouth to send them off the pitch.


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Can't disagree with that , too many players enjoying being at a big club without producing the goods , every game they play should be about winning the individual battles , out fight your opponents then the quality should take care of itself

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A moaning faced, that's not good enough, dig-deeper, this is how it's done leader like Barry is exactly what this team is crying out for.

Although I'm not sure about wearing flip flops in the house.


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Let's not beat about the bush. Steven Gerrard is about to come under some serious pressure for the first time since moving to Ibrox.

Don’t get me wrong, not for one minute do I think his position as manager should be under threat despite the run that has left him trailing Celtic by 10 points.

There have been more than enough clear signs of improvement over the last 18 months to ensure his role in the job is not even up for debate. So don’t expect me to join in with any ridiculous discussions about whether he’s the man for the job or not. There’s no doubt in my mind he is.

But he has reached a crucial point in his career as a young Rangers manager. And after the way his team collapsed at Kilmarnock he needs to think very carefully about where he goes from here. And who comes with him.

First and foremost he needs to look around that dressing and work out who is really hurting right now. And, more importantly, who is not hurting anywhere near enough.

I’ll be honest. I got a new TV for my birthday and there were moments the other night when I was so angry I thought I was going to rip it off the wall.

At one point I had to stop myself from throwing one of my flip flops through the screen. I just wanted to be out there at Rugby Park helping to do something about it before it was too late.

I let my emotions get the better of me and at my age I should know better. But when you know how much it means to play for Rangers and to win trophies for the club, that fire never burns itself out.

That’s why I worry about the mentality of some of the players in Gerrard’s team right now. I watched too many of them go down the other night without being prepared to put up a fight. Where was the anger?

Where was the drive and determination to dig themselves out of a hole after Killie made it 1-1? Where was the refusal to take no for an answer?

Looking in from the outside, it’s almost as if some of them think it’s OK to lose games while wearing a Rangers shirt and if that really is the case they are at the wrong club. It should hurt like hell.

Most importantly, I could see that same pain written all over Gerrard’s face. I could tell just by looking at him he is not prepared to accept what these players have been giving him since they returned from the winter break.

I could see a man who was ready to give out some harsh words and make some big decisions. Gerrard does not strike me as the kind of guy who would be scared of doing whatever is required if he feels others are not respecting the standards he has set for them.

That’s why I’d be a worried man if I was one of those players. I’d have listened to his post-match interview and been terrified he was talking about me when he said there may be players in there who are not as strong as he thought. I’d be bursting my balls to get back out there and prove to him I deserve to wear that jersey. I’d want to show him how much it means to me and how badly I care.

That’s the minimum these guys will have to come up with between now and the end of the season if they are to prove they deserve to be a part of his plans going forward. If he can’t stop nine in a row then he certainly can’t afford any
passengers for
the following campaign when 10 will be on the line.

That’s not to say I’m throwing in the towel on this year’s title. Yes, I accept it’s going to be difficult for Rangers to come back from here but let’s not forget they have a game in hand and two Old Firm derbies left. That’s nine points to play for right there.

These players can’t afford to feel sorry for themselves because they’re getting a bit of stick or down tools because they think it’s beyond them.

They deserve every bit of criticism they’re getting. They have to be man enough to take it on the chin and respond to it. They have to show they are worthy of that shirt.

And the only way to do that is to work harder than ever on the training ground and win more games on the football pitch. They have to show the manager and fans they are capable of going on a long run of wins between now and the end of the season.

If that’s not enough to stop Celtic? If they are then accused of doing too little too late? Well, they’ll just have to suck all that up too because it’s part and parcel of being at a club like Rangers. Second best will never be acceptable to anyone who cares about that club.

Now is not the time for them to hide behind their manager or disappear into their shells. If their shoulders aren’t broad enough for the jersey they have no place here at all.

That’s the weeding-out process Gerrard has to begin.

Yes he’s a young manager and he’s going to make his own mistakes along the way but the bottom line is too many of these players have let him down too many times.

He is the right man for Rangers and is moving the club in the right direction. He’s not throwing his players under a bus when he points out where they’re going wrong, he’s being brutally honest with them and treating them like grown-ups.

It’s up to them now to prove they’re man enough for the job.
Spot on and totally agree with all he said. If they're not hurting they shouldn't be here.


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Good stuff. With the sudden collapse, that's the rumours started about goings on at ibrox. I wont repeat what they were as I've no doubt some on here have already heard them. That's what happens when things go wrong, so quickly.

We desperately need a barry Ferguson type, doesn't need to be the class act that he was, but somebody who will not accept defeat lightly. I'd imagine when he was our captain after we got beat, they'd be making sure they won the next game, to save listening to a week of him moaning about the result at training.


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I really wish we had a Barry Ferguson type right now.

We need a moaning faced bastard on the pitch that won't accept the shite we are being served up.

Good stuff. With the sudden collapse, that's the rumours started about goings on at ibrox. I wont repeat what they were as I've no doubt some on here have already heard them. That's what happens when things go wrong, so quickly.
Haven't heard anything myself.

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We need someone like him at the club. For them Brown lifts them during games and it’s clear their players are motivated by him.

I’m not saying Tav isn’t a good Captain but we are crying out for someone who is extremely vocal and that defeat isn’t something taken lightly.