Rangers fans kidding on they watch the Belgian league every week

There are so many like him aswell. They genuinely prefer talking about Rangers. It is so weird.
Granted there are more from that side, but unfortunately it's rife all over. There's some lady's front bottom called McSouness who is possibly the biggest tadger on the whole website.
You can see why Celtic fans wouldn't have time to watch football in other countries tbf, or in this one, given they spend so much time studying tax affairs, lip reading, biomechanics and unravelling complex conspiracies.
I have over 3k of them blocked. Literally just block them on sight as they clog up every thread. My mate sent me it earlier and said to have a search for him and read his tweets and replies. Cuunts unhinged.
Isn't this the guy that was sending money to a 'burd' and it turned out to be a guy robbing cunts haha.
I'm looking forward to these cosmopolitans discussing the dynamics of Japanese/Korean relations and how it will effect their dressing room interactions.

On the other hand, we'll be arguing whether it's acceptable to put mayonnaise on our chips.
I lived in HK for about 20 years so may have been a little closer to this than some others
There is a definite divide there with Japanese very much looking down on Koreans who correspondingly have a chip on their shoulder about the Japanese. Not helped of course by Japan invading them and being a pretty nasty army of occupation.
Whilst on the surface the ones I worked with were able to put this aside and "get along" I didn't see any (as far as I can recall) genuine friendships between them. If you scratched the surface when out for a drink with either one you could generally get them to express their feelings
As with all these "rivalries" part of the cause to me seems to be they are so similar. Whilst a bit basic there are the only two countries where I have viewed what I hope was simulated violence to women on hotel (and therefore comparitively tame) porn channels. Each movie seemed to have at least one extended scene of a woman being beaten in some manner. Very odd and disturbing.
They also have a childish like relationship with cartoons and popular culture in general. All of which is so similar I can never tell which of the countries it has come from

Perhaps professional sportsmen can put these feelings aside and get along for the sake of the team but they are likely to provide a managerial challenge at the very least. Possibly similar to when we had German and Dutch players at the very least

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