Rangers FC today delighted to announce the signing of John Souttar on a pre-contract agreement from Heart of Midlothian


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Feel he's a player who will make his mark...B-D


Alfredo the great

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It's a big step up for John coming to a club of our size.it will take him time to adjust to playing for Scotlands biggest club.shame hearts fans are abusing him but John is better than playing for a yo yo club .welcome John.


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The passive -aggression in that Hearts statement is wonderful. Ha-ha-ha !
Rangers tax still alive and well, I see.

Go take a running %^*& tae yerselves.

I had a lot of sympathy for Hearts who were shafted royally in getting relegated just to award Timmy the tainted title. It all disappeared when they voted to halt the season early for Timmy to do what Timmy does. Cheat. Promoted and straight back onto Liewell's cheesy wanger. Fucking halfwits.


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Welcome to the biggest club of his career. I have misgivings but we must put that behind us and hope he kicks on a is a great signing for us.

Hope we get him this month.


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Welcome to Rangers. Stay fit young man.

I know plenty Dundee United supporters and one Hearts fan who absolutely love John Souttar. Started off as a defensive midfielder, hence why he’s quite comfortable in possession. Great at bringing the ball out of defence and comfortable in possession. Cutting out the mistakes and developing into a very good defender - the opinion they all hold.

Leadership qualities too.

Mr Wilton

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"Start him and immediately sub him.
Glorious shit housery for the rodent."

This throbber wants Neilson to waste a sub just to get one over him:))
Idiot! Any chat that we’re sitting 3rd need him to put a shift in for the rest of the season to make sure we get it?


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I hope we get the entire business done and dusted before the window closes.
It would be better for the player and it would also be good for us to beef up the position.

It would have also been good if we could have brought Katic back from Croatia and if possible offered him on loan to Hearts for the remainder of the season as a sweetener.
In an ideal world of course.


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I’m sure this must have been covered previously but is he a Bluenose? There was a tweet saying it was his brother in a Rangers top.


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His business. I think I’ll give some of his products a try.


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Very happy with this. He seems a fine character, already a very competent player and one that could and should flourish under the auspicious tutelage Rangers will give him. Excellent move for both (and by default Scotland).


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he cant stay with hearts, one look at the hearts kick back forum and you'd think he took a shit on their boardroom table
Well Liewell did exactly that and they couldn't get back on their knees quick enough a few weeks ago.

They can get fùcked with any of their moralistic, sanctimonious bollocks.
This signing has upset their timmy plaything fans more than being relegated to appease the filth.

Says it all about their support.
With an obvious exception for @JamboReid1874


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Good addition to the squad. Not at the level of Goldson or Helander but a better option than Simpson.


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25 years old and made over 200 appearances, I think his injury issues are overstated tbh. That's more than Goldson had at that age.


sorry to put a dampener on it but due to his injury record I only see him as back up! 3 major surgeries at 24 does not bode well. Hope I`m wrong but Goldson and Helander always going to be first choice if fit and still at the club.


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How would it work if he got a career threatening injury between now and the end of the season, playing for Hearts but committed to us?

That must be a big risk for Hearts to take.


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Great signing. Need to bring him in for January as it will not work out well at hearts for the rest of the season