Rangers harming the Old Firm brand


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There used to be a mutual respect and many “ old firm “ players would socialise on the odd occasion.
That respect slowly disappeared and when White and co nearly ruined our club for good they had years of domination because their only genuine challenge disappeared.
Thankfully they dismissed us as irrelevant and took their eye off the ball while we rebuilt.
From that moment on we have won the league for a record number of times and they genuinely can’t see how we done it.
Well they can definitely see us now.


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Some great responses here bears. Hope we never go back to the larger allocation.

On a related matter, is it not the case that red zones are gone now? Therefore why are the tims not giving us 800 for the next game? Out of pettiness because we couldn’t back in the first game? Surely this is more newsworthy?


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Then what? Do we offer them the Copland in return or is it just the Broomloan that has to stay in the house and watch TV that day?

Here's an idea. Tell them to %^*& off.
Mine was a rhetorical question, they won’t do it because they know for years they’ve had an advantage in the set up. Their cheerleaders in the press don’t want parity, they want their advantage returned.


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For years the media moaned about the old firm being an embarrassment due to sectarianism etc.

Now we've taken this stance they're all if a sudden worried about the atmosphere and the 'brand'


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Some great responses here bears. Hope we never go back to the larger allocation.

On a related matter, is it not the case that red zones are gone now? Therefore why are the tims not giving us 800 for the next game? Out of pettiness because we couldn’t back in the first game? Surely this is more newsworthy?

Yes apparently it's Big Bad Rangers that need to roll out the red carpet for Them, they are just retaliating which is of course absolutely fine nothing to see here for their poodle hacks.


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I’m glad we are finally sticking up for ourselves. Since Murray was in charge we’ve bowed down to them and the media in this country and look where that has gotten us!


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‘Crackling through the city’ they have spent decades denouncing the reasons why this is the case.

12 o’clock dry Sunday morning kickoffs. Policing and barriers all over the place. Stadium vandalism stories. Game disruption. Pitch invasions. Fans mingling on transport to games. Powder keg incidents in games seem to have reduced. Not worth the hassle anymore.

No old firm, no possibility of bother. They don’t want associated with a club who used a legal tax scheme and we don’t want associated with the biggest scandal and cover up in world sport.

Why do none of the bring back the old firm away crowd ever ask the questions we do on here? Not once. Strange that.

Hidden from view. Not same % of fans. Them shooting into a Celtic ‘end,’ 6 out of 8 times, our keeper at their ‘end,’ 6 out of 8.

The biggest plus for me is that our season ticket holders get to all the games. They are just another small away crowd now. Same as the rest.

Square it!

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I, and many others, only have season tickets because we made more available in the Broomloan. The club aren’t going to turn away their own fans and the guaranteed income that provides just to appease those scumbags.
Its why i now have an ST and in tandem I've taken up the CCS opportunity and generate additional income when I attend all cup games.

Win win.


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Couldn't give a feck about them and going to their ground isn't on my bucket list.

As an aside, If our game against them goes ahead as planned on the Wednesday evening and we walk away with three points, I think the SPL will regret kowtowing to the request to bring forward the Winter break as most of that mhob will be completely pissed and it will be fecking mayhem.

Better that no Bears will be in attendance.


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Do you think there’s ever a risk we would go back to giving them the Broomloan if we got a same amount at theirs?

Makes we worry as I was one of the beneficiaries of a ST in Broomie?
No chance.

The more noise and tears we get from them over it, the more it just confirms how great a decision it was. Possibly the best off field decision any Rangers board has made in modern times in my opinion. They had become totally out of control, literally putting the lives of our players and fans in danger with their behaviour. They fcked it for themselves and there’s no way back. old firm games at Ibrox now are so much better with their 800 in the corner crying their tears and their bile barely noticeable


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I've reads loads of times about "Old Firm" fans being lost in a time warp, singing anthems of hate, sectarian bile, goading each other, and all the rest of it.

Now they want to bring this back, because in some way, missing it, is harming the Old Firm brand ?

It's harming the Celtic brand by not having a full stand of the feckers front and centre. We're fine as it is and our young fans don't get flash bangs lobbed at them.


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YAWN...big bad Rangers again, celtc copy us but not a word said against them. Edinburgh derby, full stand of away fans, celtc, should be a full stand of away fans, Rangers...papped away in the corner. Aye cool mate. Also as away fans are allowed now at games unlike the last game at Ibrox against them due to COVID regs, why are that mob not allowing any Bears tickets? No excuses not to eh, other than being the most petty minded mob in sport who can't hack not getting it all their own way.
Keep them out forever Rangers...


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Considering they refuse to say the words ‘Old Firm’ (but don’t mind renewing a trademark for it). We absolutely live in these pricks heads, they hate us and spend every waking moment thinking or talking about us. For all their ‘dominance’ and free run they had at it, it only took a few years to build from the ground up and overtake them again, to destroy 10 years of work and the dream they had, and they HATE it.

We get a pishy restricted view corner and they get a full stand? Personally I hope they never darken our door again. They are a nothing club now, with a nothing manager, buying a bunch of unknown nothing players, desperately trying to keep up with us in the league.

They can get the same allocation as every other club and they can be grateful for it.


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So fed up with the selective memory loss. Celtic since they redeveloped their ground have never offered a fair comparison for Rangers fans at parkhead. For it to be fair we need the same number of away fans and the same location. It's very simple. The system before with our away fans having zero camera presence at their midden harms the old firm brand. I can't believe how glaringly obvious this is. Lazy as %^*&
Correct, the full stand was an anomaly that should have been addressed the minute we stopped getting the away end at the piggery.

I love the pointless tears though.

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I know both clubs have taken copyright on the phrase, but I truly despise any expression that associates us with those terror loving, paedo harbouring bustards.

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I've been attending Old Firm games since the late 1970's and couldn't care less about their gargoyles and their even more hideous songbook. It was Celtc who changed the entire spectacle of these games when our old Rangers end ticket allocation at the Piggery was removed. That we continued to give them the entire Broomloan was a huge mistake by our club. The current situation is just fine.


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They are desperate to get back into Ibrox.
They were shocked that we did it and I’m told they believed it would only be for a season. They’ve contacted our club to ask for it to be reversed ( lawell ) not sure if they have come back to us again. It’s as if they now have let it finally sink in and have set their media hounds out as a last gasp effort to pressure us. Imagine our board booted 8000 season tickets out of their seats to accommodate those animals, not a chance in hell of it ever happening while we sell out of season tickets.


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Where do you start with this pish!

You invite others into your home, give them a full stand and they repeatedly disrespect you, disgrace themselves.

They invite you to their home, park you away in the corner “out of the way” with restricted views, they continue to disrespect you with the blow up dolls and “kill all h*ns” banners etc.

So you take action, listen to your loyal fans and cut their allocation. This coincides with starting to beat them regularly.

They don’t like it, can’t take it so they whinge and want things to go back to the way they were. They call it a “shame for Scottish football” and a “lack of atmosphere”. The reality is they don’t like not getting their own way.

%^*& them. It’s our home, we set the rules, if they don’t like it, they can have zero.
This ^^^^^^
Well said

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Celtic have no one to blame but themselves, there bitter hatred of us led to rangers supporters being treated like shit for the last 20 years. I’ve been to the piggery with 7,800 fans and they had deliberately shut half the away end turnstiles. Missing the first 20 minutes wasn’t unusual and indeed they shut the gates one fixture as the police told us the away end was full. 350 miles to be turned away by a club who can’t see past there hatred of anything rangers and would do anything to get one over us. Then we get into the pigsty and we are stuck in the corner deliberately out of sight of the cameras with pillars obstructing our view.
They have no one to blame but themselves, as the old saying goes, everything the poets touch turns to rat shit.


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I thought they didn’t want to associate themselves with the term any more?

They are all about Glasgow Derby and “the opposition” even in official press releases aren’t they? Can’t bring themselves to say Old Firm or Rangers.

This is always going to be painted as Rangers causing trouble but when Celtic quietly reduced the away attendance at the Piggery over a couple of goes at it and left a few thousand sitting off camera and tucked away in a corner then giving Celtic an entire stand behind a goal was mildly ridiculous.

I presume the article is from today’s papers? There’s a head of steam about Old Firm games being built, on this occasion about the fans being important.. the kind of head of steam that leads people to think that a match not played in front of a full house should be moved… especially if it is scheduled for early February.


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