Rangers legend Brian Laudrup was a genius but what was he like to play against?

Angus Og

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I've read about Alan Morton, and often thought that Laudrup must have produced the closest feeling for our supporters since the wee society man graced Ibrox.


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I still remember being disappointed it wasn’t Michael we’d signed :D I’d have been in 1st or 2nd year at the time.

the 90s what a time to be a bear


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As others have rightly said he was the ultimate player during my life following the Gers.

I was too young to see/ appreciate Jim Baxter and Willie Henderson was drifting away from the club.

John Greig will always be a hero, like Richard Gough, Super Ally, the Goalie, wee Bud, Colin Stein and the legendary Coop, but Laudrup was the best pound for pound footballer of the lot.

A true Rolls Royce of a player and one of the very few who was worth every penny of the entrance money to watch.


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Most of the ex players there have noted his height and physique. Smaller players with dribbling skills, you might be able to get the better of them on your day. Laudrup had both, a 6ft 1 winger with pace and skill. Must have been a nightmare for the hammer throwers.
Hammer throwers is a term I dislike and discredits Scottish Players. Players in Scotland have always been physical with their opponent, it made us the footballing nation we are. You have to have enough about you to be able to reach the top League in Scotland, the problem when you get there is that Rangers have players like Laudrup. You are a good player and can't get near your opponent and you want to help your team win. Is Chiellini a hammer thrower now after his tactics in the recent final or did he do what he could to help his team win?


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Absolutely phenomenal player. Without doubt my favourite ever Ranger and I've been going to Ibrox for over 50 years.
We have been graced with a great many superb players, but Brian, for me is untouchable.


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My mate played against him in the cup. He was a quick player but he said after 10 minutes of "marking" Laudrup he was blowing out his arse. Rest of the game he just watched mesmerised at the way Laudrup played the game. Not a bit of arrogance after the game either, congratulated my mate on a good game.
I was fortunate enough to see the NIAR team growing up as a young pup so as much as I loved that team I probably didn't appreciate them then as much as I do now. Although watching Laudrup was just an absolute joy!

Only story that I have that sort of ties in with the OP's is that when I was younger Davie Winnie was my coach (ex ST. Mirren, Sheep and Hearts) and when he was at the sheep Alex Miller was the manager. Before the match Miller is giving the team talk and says to Davie, "Right Winnie your on Laudrup where ever he goes you F%$@ing go! First chance you get let him know that you will be taking no prisoners!" half time comes and Miller is going ape sh!t at Davie, " I F%$@ing told you about Laudrup, why the F'%k have you not put leather on him yet! your not even within two yards of him at any given time" followed by another few minutes of abuse! Davie says I can't get close enough to even get a tackle in never mind smash him!" He then goes onto say that without doubt the best player that he faced was Laudrup although would go on to say that the hardest player he ever came up against was Hateley!


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Had a laugh the other day when my mate sent me a clip from the ASCOM podcast and they were talking about Enrico Annoni saying that he used to keep Laudrup in his back pocket hahaha.

I know someone who played against him and said that he used to glide above the ground and was basically impossible to stop if on his game.
Please tell me you have a link for that please !!


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I'm trying to think of two brothers who were so world class as Brian and Michael. Only the Charltons come to mind but they were not even close.


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Dear me, Colin Miller described as “ex Hearts and Dunfermline”, when he played fewer than 100 games for both those clubs combined?

He was Accies captain - and later manager - and made over 200 appearances for us. Won most of his 61 caps for Canada while at Accies.

Also had a brief spell at Rangers, and I suspect was from a Rangers family. Why didn’t Brian Laudrup shake his hand?

Chryston Bear

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The best Rangers player I’ve seen,his goal against Aberdeen down at the broomie when he was almost at the byline I’ll never forget,an he sealed 9iar with that header a Tannadice.God what a player!!


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One of my best pals played directly against him in a pre-season friendly and was all over him for 90 minutes.

Only because my mate was so in love with him, he was trying to shag him.


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Your correct,was it Gazza who scored against the sheep at the broomie from at tight angle??

Gazza in the 8IAR game?

I was assuming you were taking about Laudrup chilling Leighton from the byeline at the Copland but there was a game where he ran from the half way line and rounded sticky Walker before putting it in the net from a reasonably tight angle too. Gazza scored a free kick and I think it finished 2-2

NUL bear

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For me Gazza was better in the really big games than Brian but Laudrup was a great talent.
Remember having a drink with Colin Woodthorpe one Hogmanay and he also said Laudrup still caused him nightmares


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I consider myself fortunate to have seen him play for Rangers. I've been going to Ibrox for well, over 60 years and he is the greatest player I've ever seen in a Rangers jersey. Reading John Philiben of Motherwell put a smile on my face. When Laudrup broke up the park with the ball at his feet in the last minute that day, the attempts of the Motherwell defenders trying to catch him was reminiscent of the Keystone Cops chasing someone in an old silent movie.


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When any Laudrup thread appears I always repeat myself, and frankly I don't care. He's the best player I've seen play for us, and furthermore my late father who grew up watching Waddell, Thornton, Gillick, Woodburn, and then Baxter, Henderson et al thought the same. It was one of the few football related topics we agreed on.


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He was sometimes accused of going down too easily which was entirely inaccurate. He was tall and very fast. When in full flight he was up on his toes and when a tall guy is moving at that speed it doesn't take much to knock him over.


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In every Godrup thread I always say that when I heard the name Laudrup I thought Michael and was disappointed it was Brian. Then the first game against Motherwell he picked the ball up just inside our half and put the after burners on and I just thought bloody hell this is going to be fun.
Brian was class,but Michael was just another level,just grateful we were to have Brian don our colours and when you think what Walter got him for round about 2.5 mill, incredible to have him ,Gazza and Albertz in the same team at one stage,wow. Just a joy to watch.


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Thanks for posting this, really enjoyed it, great to see two legends catching up.
no bother mate, it was quite funny, I burst out laughing when Ally said Laudrup was steaming before the prawn crackers and ribs had even arrived, so basically before they had even started eating:))
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