Rangers Legends v Liverpool Legends

Thanks mate. Much you think tickets will be??? Weird its in Blackpool tho
We had a Legends game for Fernando at Fleetwood and 5000 bears attended, we would have loved to went back to Fleetwood but the capacity is restricted. When we announced on Facebook last week all hospitality, mascots, players, match sponsorship packages sold out by Sunday night.


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We had originally booked the Stadium hotel but they emailed two days later to say it was fully booked that day, just in case anyone’s in the same boat.

Got a cracking house fully kitted out with a jacuzzi via AirBnB, should help the hangover on Sunday.


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8 of us flying over for weekend it’s going to be messy doing the hospitality at the game then if we’re still standing we’ll be sampling the Blackpool nightlife hopefully get to meet a few legends after game might even meet them during the game knowing some of our legends


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DT sports & leisure on Facebook are doing a trip down
Liverpool legends v Rangers Legends In Blackpool
March 23rd- 24th

# Return travel from Glasgow/Hamilton (EXTRA BUS ADDED)
(Other pick ups available on request)
# Match ticket
# Overnight stay with breakfast

£99pp (Based on 2 people sharing a room)

£30 Deposit pp

Call us today on 0141 641 2381 to book or pm for more information


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There is an issue with the opposition I heard. There's now a clash with another Liverpool Legends match, so the opposition will be slightly different.