Rangers linked with Hutton on a free


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Could we add him to the Europa League squad as a home grown player?
We could add him to the squad as home grown but probably no longer as a player !

He would be the coming seasons equivalent to Gareth McAuley.

There are aspirations to make us better than that as evidenced by our recent signings !
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It would be a kick in the teeth for our younger guys trying to get considered for the first team squad, if we brought back Alan Hutton, whose best days are behind him. Alan Hutton was given his chance as a young player to win his place in the first team and he certainly took it. Our current younger players are entitled to believe that they will be given the same opportunity. Bringing back Hutton would send out the wrong signals and I believe that SG will know that.


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I don’t think this makes sense. Flanagan and Polster already provide cover for Tav. I see Hutton seeking a richer contract with a championship club in England as a more likely scenario.