Rangers linked with Hutton on a free


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I think that whenever we talk about our best ever players, a second discussion should be best ever spell. Hutton wasn't our best ever right back obviously but for 6-18 months (I can't really remember now) he was clearly our best footballer and attacking threat at right back for club and country. He played on the same park as France and Italy and looked like the best player on it. I'm sure he looked like the best player in Champions League games as well - the run against Stuttgart being the obvious highlight. Obviously he never maintained it for a long enough period but I still remember him playing like a winger at right back before moving south and him being my favourite player at the time.


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100% no from me! I will be furious if this happens! He’s one of the most overrated Scottish players ever who has a solid 6 months and we practically robbed Spurs of £10m. Even in his prime he couldn’t lace Tavs boots.

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If he’s coming essentially free then why not? He’d be decent back up and would let Tav rest without having to change how we play. Neither Flanagan nor, from the little i’ve seen, Polster do the attacking full back job well.

But not a player we need if it’s considered in any way likely that he would start more than 2 games a year!

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Ah hope it’s Davie , Soooooolllllldddddd.
I met Davie Hutton in the Apple shop not long after he was on dragons den. Turned round and there he was, brown leather waistcoat, red bandana under a pink beret, mascara, flare trousers and a pair of doc martins. He looked like a gay pirate. Mad cnt was just grinning at me like a maniac. We were both in apples “stand aboot randomly like a wank” queuing system so we got talking.

Lovely guy as it turned out but he failed to sell my house two years later.


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Always thought he was pretty much a bomb scare, great going forward but always got caught out of position, when we got £9m for him I couldn't believe it. Let the past stay in the past, we have plenty enough cover there


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I'm going out on a limb here and saying there's nothing at all in this. We've got 3 right-backs on our books including the best one in the league. Bringing in a 35 year old one makes zero sense.


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No thanks.

Polster & Flannigan can play at RB as back up to Tav.

Although one observation I would make. I do think, by the law of averages, that we won’t get a full season from Tav this year assuming he stays. He has been virtually ever present since joining us, law of averages says he must be due some kind of injury soon. Hopefully wrong but it’s very unusual to see a player go 3-4 seasons without some kind of injury sidelining them for a while these days.


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Could we add him to the Europa League squad as a home grown player?
We could add him to the squad as home grown but probably no longer as a player !

He would be the coming seasons equivalent to Gareth McAuley.

There are aspirations to make us better than that as evidenced by our recent signings !
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It would be a kick in the teeth for our younger guys trying to get considered for the first team squad, if we brought back Alan Hutton, whose best days are behind him. Alan Hutton was given his chance as a young player to win his place in the first team and he certainly took it. Our current younger players are entitled to believe that they will be given the same opportunity. Bringing back Hutton would send out the wrong signals and I believe that SG will know that.


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I know it was only a friendly but Polster looked like a more than decent back up against Oxford.
I thought he was okay but if Tav was imjured for say 6 weeks of the season we would have a problem.
Dont see Polster being good enough to make the match day squad.


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Sounds like a lazy link, well covered in the right back position
Think he’s been playing on right side of a3 to be fair. Not got the pace to play full back these days. Pretty sure that’s the case but forgive me if I’m wrong. Done a job for the villa there I’m sure but definitely not the way forward for us now


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I don’t think this makes sense. Flanagan and Polster already provide cover for Tav. I see Hutton seeking a richer contract with a championship club in England as a more likely scenario.