Rangers on course for European points record


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Furthermore we don’t need a supercomputer to work out the eventual tally ffs. These things are used for more complicated work like shark counting. Glasgow Live trying to make out the scum are relevant in Europe when they aren’t.


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supercomputer reminds me of the movie Pi



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If we can break records on the way to winning the title that would be great.

It’s the sort of thing you just avoid talking about though, and you just take the accolades at the end of the season as an added extra.

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:) of course not. Guess its just too much scar tissue from the last 10 years to get too excited.....yet.
Will be partying as much as anyone when the day does arrive

For what it's worth mate I know the feeling. For a long time there every bit of news was bad news, every new dawn turned out to be false, and the authorities have found a way to shaft us at every turn.

I can't say there isn't a part of me that remains deeply nervous. But if we get to the end of January the same or more points ahead, I just don't think anything will stop me from believing.


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Love how they claim this is a ‘supercomputer’ as if it was designed by NASA then the article is full of info that anyone who has Standard Grade Maths and a calculator could have worked out.