Rangers open talks with Defoe


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Just watched the video interview with Jermain Defoe after the game and his goal against the scum. Generally speaking footballers aren’t the brightest beings that walk upright upon the Earth but Jermaine absolutely destroys that characterisation. I so want him to stay another year and continue to impart his knowledge, experience, humility and learning to our other players. Hopefully he and the management team can engineer a solution to this.

However, possibly I want him to stay for the selfish reason that I want to be in the Stadium when he scores his final Ibrox goal for Rangers so that I and the other 50,000 fellow Bears can pay suitable tribute to a great man, a great player and a great Ranger.

Jermain......please stay at least another year.


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Decision will be his alone if he wants to stay he will . Upto to him if he can get more football elsewhere at a decent level . Hope he stays too and everything that goes with us is enough . But if he wants to play more we can’t grudge him that .


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RANGERS have opened talks with Jermain Defoe in a bid to extend his Ibrox stay.

The 38-year-old reminded everyone of his worth when he set the seal on last Sunday’s 4-1 mauling of Celtic with his first Old Firm goal.

Defoe is out of contract next month and has been linked with a return to Sunderland if Lee Johnson’s team secure promotion back to the Championship through the League One play-offs.

The veteran striker has already spoken of his desire to move into coaching as he winds down his playing career.

Ibrox gaffer Steven Gerrard has confirmed discussions have taken place as they plot the hitman’s next move.

He said: “It goes without saying that Jermain Defoe is someone I have the ultimate respect and admiration for.

“He has been a wonderful player. He has had a fantastic career.

“To get him up here in the first place was something I was keen to do, because I knew he would help the group in the way he goes about his business.

“He’s a top professional and has proved that here. We’re in talks with him at the moment about what’s next for Jermain.

“But we want to be really respectful, we want to give him the time to make his own decisions.

“He’s at a stage in his life where we’ll listen to him and see what he wants to do moving forward.

“I don’t think it’s right for me to divulge right now what’s been said from my point of view and from his.

“But we’ll certainly respect Jermain in terms of his own decisions moving forward.”


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I’d certainly keep him for another year if he wants it and is committed to it. His impact on the squad has turned talent into winners. Invaluable, and as Sunday showed, he still has ‘it’.


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I'd give him another year, but I'd want to see it done for footballing reasons and I'd expect to see Itten sold as balance. Salaka is apparently an out and out striker, and we don't need five. No harm to big Ced, but he isn't getting the minutes and I don't see where they come from.

Roofe, Alfie, Salaka and Defoe vying for the striking positions would do me. Wright, Kent, Aribo and Hagi offering the creative options on the flanks/number 10 roles. Obviously some versatility there as well.


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Given his experience and how he’s clearly helped players, especially Alfie I think having him in place to help Sakala bed in and coaching young players would be a huge benefit to us


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I'm warming to the player coach idea, I did think you need to be focused 100% on being a player such are the demands, but his standards and being part of a important senior players group is invaluable.

He may fancy just focus on playing himself though, decision may be bit part League and cup player here or far more regular football elsewhere.
Selfishly I hope he stays but admire the class and respect Rangers are dealing with negotiations.


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Hes obvs good enough and super fit so the 38 thing is not a big deal really.

Only drawback is hes playing less and less, the wages might not be justified for that alone. I think in some ways his ability to come on and have an impact so effectively works against him. Gerrard seems to think 10-15 mins is long enough for JD to score as would be playing him for 75-80 mins. Hes probably right.

If they can incorporate a more formal Coaching role for our younger strikers, maybe even fulltime, that sounds like a plan.

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He's only going to get a game every now and again. Not sure he would've been brought on if it wasn't his last chance to get a goal this season v them


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The Scottish fa coaching system does actually have still have a high stock at the moment and this is possibly the reason why Defoe would like to stay and work on his badges. He is a positive influence on the club and good to have around, he can only help the young lads and established strikers at the club.


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“discussions have taken place as they plot the hitman’s next move.”

“We’re in talks with him at the moment about what’s next for Jermain.”

These quotes sound like he’s being offered a coaching role.
I really hope we do offer him a coaching role whether it's next season or if he moves on after a few seasons at another club.


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He affects a dressing room, for the bettet; it's very clear the other players like him and respect to top player he was and still is. In his prime he really was a great player. Hopefully another year.

Govan Way

Pure class from Gerrard the way he speaks about Jermaine, respectful and composed. As always.

One last year with Jermaine is fine by me.


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It would be great to see him on the bench most weeks and in and around the squad coaching and helping the other players. Clearly a well-respected member of the squad. He's not going to be starting more than 7-10 games a season but that's fine.

I think he'll move on, but another 12 months would be fine for me as long as the wages were suitable for the club.

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Hope he stays and then goes into coaching with us.Guy is class the sort of man who should be in and around the club.Help young lads grow (the correct way ) into becoming someone their families can be proud of.Also his knowledge of being a top class footballer will help everyone at the club.


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If I’m being honest, I see him in the English lower leagues next year getting regular game and he’d go with my best wishes. With Sakala coming in, he would be a bit part player next year and is unlikely to be named in our Champions League squad so that won’t hold much sway for him.

Would happily give him another year though. Consummate professional, great influence and still has an eye for goal as he showed at the weekend.


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I’d love him to stay 1 more year so the fans get a chance to say goodbye properly. As long as the financial side is good then it’s a no brainer


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Not for me I think Gerrard has done the right thing this year in almost phasing him slowly out the side. He's been a great signing but 38 and his injury record it's time to move on and he would leave with a league winners medal in hand. I would definitely keep him around as a coach but not as a player.


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He's a good player who looks after himself, well worth another year. He sent a defender half his age out for a hot dog for his goal on Sunday. He's still got it.


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Hope he stays and then goes into coaching with us.Guy is class the sort of man who should be in and around the club.Help young lads grow (the correct way ) into becoming someone their families can be proud of.Also his knowledge of being a top class footballer will help everyone at the club.
This is where his main benefit to Rangers lies now, a class act.


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Hopefully they can agree on a mutually beneficial deal. If not, he goes with everyone's best wishes. Legend.

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Any young striker coming to and at Rangers benefits from Defoe being there. An absolute top class professional and legend! He must have had a big part to play in the way Morelos has matured as a player! To think Morelos was a Pedro signing, now he’s a champion, plays alongside Defoe and his manager is Gerrard!


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Would love him in a coaching role. He's a class act, goes to youth games and gives players his advice. Have no doubt Morelos has improved because of him as well.