Rangers Partnership with Douglas Laing Whiskey

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Just ordered the 150 year whisky. Bought the Red, White, & Blue labelled bottles they released last year so it can go nicely with them.
Bought the 55 Blended Whisky too but cracked it open on trophy day, lovely!
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Whisky is only made in Scotland. Whiskey is everywhere else in the world including Ireland, America and Japan.

Bought a bottle of the 55 collection but haven't opened it yet and don't know if I ever will.
I have had a few Japanese ones where they spell it without the E. Until then I had always thought that "Whisky"(no E) was some sort of a protected name (Like Champagne etc).


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Ordered both the new ones. Got the 55 bottle and the 2020/21 season malt. Haven't opened the 55 as I only got one, but got a drinking bottle of 2020/21 and it's lovely.
Just seen this on the Rangers website. Not a Whiskey fan myself, this stuff any good??
Douglas Laing are an independent bottler as opposed to a distillery, so whether or not its any good will depend upon what whisky they are using.

Normally independent bottlers will state which distillery (or at very least region) it has come from, but from what I can see, all they say on this one is that its a single malt finished in a mixture of american oak and european sherry casks. Based on the cask finish I would expect it to taste fine, although for 85 quid I would be expecting something that at least states how long it has spent in the cask

I would normally want to know a bit more about what is in the bottle before choosing whether or not to buy it. Having said that, I would guess that most of these will be bought by collectors who will keep them rather than drinking them


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Hope all these partners don’t get tickets on home match days , Otherwise will need to cut the season tickets down to 15 thousand each season .


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This is the description of the Gin

Made with a selection of 15 botanicals including grass from the Ibrox pitch, anticipate a crisp and perfectly balanced gin with notes of citrus zest, minty sweetness and gentle spice.



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Bought a few, and enjoyed drinking them. I will buy the 150 one,to keep and probably buy the rum to drink.


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Bought a bottle of the Rangers single malt a few months ago

Decent quality and just ordered a bottle of the new release


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Their rum was fantastic - I ended up going through 3 bottles. Managed to only buy one this time.


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I honestly recommend any of the Douglas Laing bottlings. I’m on Timorous Beastie at the moment and the Rangers 55 was very good, overpriced for a very good reason, but overpriced. I’m chuffed. Best partner yet.