Rangers Partnership with Douglas Laing Whiskey


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If anyone is selling the red white and blue collection, drop me a message.

Will gladly buy from you.


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Fred Laing and his Daughter Cara are steeped in staunchness

They did the 55 range

And the previous red white and blue Range

Lovely lovely people


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Though the spirits be gin or whisky
It's swallow we will
We'll swallow half gills
It's swallow we will

Though the whisky tastes of peat
We'll swallow it best
We'll get blootered on the spirits of our team.


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I have had a few Japanese ones where they spell it without the E. Until then I had always thought that "Whisky"(no E) was some sort of a protected name (Like Champagne etc).
I thought it was protected too. Maybe they can’t call it scotch unless it’s Scottish. Which would just seem more like common sense tbh :D


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For those wondering whether to drink it or not. Get onwith it unless you're intending to sell in 20 years or so.

The empty bottle will look just as nice. You can even fill it up with a beverage of your choice.
Agreed. Don't really care that these bottles are worth something on the second market. Been enjoying the red, white and blue single malts and the 55 edition since I got them.


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Seen the Winter and 150 year ones there, not that tempted to be honest.

I have all the available ones from 2021/22 season all still unopened.


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Assume this is being sent out now. Just got the DPD notification from Mail Marketing UK?

Same here, but has been showing "In transit" since this morning. Eagerly await delivery, but going to be disciplined and put it away, after working my way through the 55 bottles too easily...

El Pedro

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My 150 anniversary one arrived this morning, ordered a bottle of Big Peat Peatrichor with it too, Big Peat is a lovely drop of whisky!