Rangers players can be one in a Row legends if they stop Celtic from winning tenth title, says Kris Boyd


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I'm all ears on how the Aberdeen midfield dream team of Shinnie, McLean and Jack that couldn't stop Celtic in 2015, 2016 and 2017 is somehow going to stop Celtic in 2020/21.


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I might be a bit petty but I’d prefer we said 55

The narrative is being set as 1,
You know that when we get 55 it’ll be 1 to them

Orange Man

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His old man (Tom) was on our books and taught at Grange School in Castlemilk.
Donnelly jnr not a tarrier in the true sense, but a wee jump the dyke. (Which of course is worse).

Edit.. just noticed later posts.
Turncoats/ jump the dykes end up more bitter than the tims.
They also have a big chip on their as they know both sides hate them.
I have seen that a lot with mixed marriages.

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I agree with the mentality part of that piece.We have shown in the last couple of years that we are more than capable of beating them.We no longer go in to matches fearing the worst.
We do still seem to take stage fright when We have a chance to go top or stay there for any significant period.
All of our winning teams have had players who may not be the most technically gifted but had nerve and attitude that got us over the line.