Rangers players read Burns

That was really good, but to be fair, although it makes perfect sense when you hear it out loud, when you see bits of it written down there are way more completely forgotten words than you think from old Scots.

Also, I'd forgotten just how good a poem it is. Covers themes that are as relevant if not more so now than when Burns wrote it 230 odd years ago.
Not an expert on Burns, but I read an article a while ago, stated he never actually spoke the same way in life.
In his day that type of language was dying out and he wanted to preserve it.
How accurate that is, I don't know.
Understandable that even native Scots can struggle to recite his poetry.
I'm getting Vietnam flashbacks like Greegsy just seeing Mohsni, Faure, Aird and Law again.
To be fair, Mohsni put in the effort there, not his first language, stood tall at Motherwell and after watching this clip confirmed to me that he made a far greater effort than the other pair of no marks