Rangers Players Scored Against Brazil


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I agree. I quite liked Law. The team were unbeaten in the league in his first season, were they not?
I don't think that counts for anything but the op was well out of line when saying that about law.

He wasn't the required standard but put in a shift in the championship, scored the winning penalty v the taigs and was a decent footballer.

Bit of a shitebag but out of the dross that was signed during the banter years he was one of very few successful ones imo.


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Yep, well remembered. I think it was a Queen's Park 'keeper's top that Big Peter wore, presumably because of a clash between the normal Scotland GK top and Brazil's strip.

Not sure why the SFA didn't have an alternative GK jersey handy!
because just like today the sfa are run by a bunch blazered wearing amateurs buffons to a man


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We'd far bigger charlatans than Nicky Law mate.

Wasn't good enough as we progressed, but nowhere near the worst we had.

Did us a turn, even in Warburton's first year.
He was a Bosman signing from Motherwell, I’m not sure what people were expecting from him.

He was consistently one of our biggest goal threats throughout his time with us.