Rangers Retail Limited update

Nacho Novo

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21/05/19 - At the expiration of two months from this date, Rangers Retail Limited, will be struck off the register and the company will be dissolved.

08/06/19 - Action on Rangers Retail Limited has been temporarily suspended as an objection to the striking off has been received by the Registrar

05/07/19 - Termination of appointment of Cameron John Olsen as a Secretary of Rangers Retail Limited on 1 July 2019

Could we finally be getting some kind of break through now that one of Mike Ashley's men has resigned from running our retail company?

This now means that as things stand, Dave King is now the ONLY active Director of the retail company. Although it is still jointly run by both The Rangers Football Club Limited and Sdi Retail Services Limited (who still hold 25% more of the company than we do).
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Strickland Banks

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The Cameron John Olsen dude that was appointed on 1st July and resigned on 5th July appears to be an Ashley stoodge.

Listed as Head of Legal and Company Secretary at the glorified jumble sale outlet.


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Don't think there's much in that

When the retail deal was "normalised" (but not really) the Rangers Retail company was no longer required. Think it all goes direct through Sports Direct now. Company struck off because the accounts are overdue, but someone has objected

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