Rangers say SFA must deal with secterianism directed at Gerrard


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RANGERS say the SFA must deal with sectarian abuse aimed at Steven Gerrard by Aberdeen fans.

Some Dons supporters were heard at full-time chanting the bigoted ‘Cheer up…’ song at the Gers gaffer and taunting him with the vile ‘sad Orange b*****d’ lyrics.

It comes a week after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned clubs to sort out fans’ sectarian behaviour or her Government will step in.

A Gers spokesperson said: “The match delegate is aware of sectarian chants from some Aberdeen fans and it is up to the SFA to deal with that.”

SunSport has asked Aberdeen for comment.

For decades fans have put a sectarian slant on The Monkees’ classic Daydream Believer to taunt opposing players and managers.

Last month Rangers-daft funnyman Andy Cameron, 79, blasted those who unleashed the bigoted version of the ‘Cheer up…’ chorus at their rivals.
because it’s us it will be deemed sour grapes.

When that jakeball Clarke complained to deflect away from the 5-0 defeat, we had to listen weeks of made up outrage.

This will just be us being bad losers - guaranteed. Gerrard is just more of a man than Clarke so didn’t use it as an excuse.

Amato Turn

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No one will give a feck because we're not the offenders.

It won't make the national news, there will be no bouncy ball spelling out the words, no one in Scottish politics/football will tweet about it, NBM will have nothing to say.

Tbh I find the Aberdeen's fan song about the Ibrox Disaster even more offensive and disgusting.


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Surprised the club even said anything about this, still better than nothing I suppose?
That sounds to me like the club have been approached by The Sun to comment on it rather than us highlighting it. The fact that not one person at Rangers has even put their name to those comments speaks volumes to me.

I might be wrong but it's how it reads.


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This could be the club giving the BBC more rope regarding their claims of editorial fairness.

The club have highlighted this so I expect to see a level of parity when covered tonight.


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This could be the club giving the BBC more rope regarding their claims of editorial fairness.

The club have highlighted this so I expect to see a level of parity when covered tonight.
Gollum is cranking up the karaoke machine as we speak , bouncing ball at the ready , standing outside a puddle at Pittodrie :rolleyes:


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I'm just disappointed Stevie Gerrard didn't give a heartfelt interview on camera, nearly bursting into tears about the verbal assault and stating that he's glad his kids aren't being brought up in such a vile sectarian country...………….NOT!
I've never seen such an advert for dignified silence

tottie beck

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Trying to make up for their silence on the Tav incident?

Nevertheless the way the media went mental over Clarke it needed said, so well done to them for that


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Their song about the ibrox disaster got an airing at least 3 times last night.

Isnt it remarkable how in this wee shithole a song with the word "fenian" in it gets our self appointed guardians of public morality into a tizzy but a song laughing at and celebrating the deaths of 66 innocent people....nothing. silence. Sweet feck all.

The gross double standards at play makes me want to vomit.
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Captain Cutlass

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Why didn't Rangers complain like this when over 50,000 Celtic fans sang the exact same song to our manager in September?
Probably because "unsavoury" football chants have been going around since the late 1880's and hardly raised an eyebrow but here we are over 140 years later and it's now apparently become The Crime of the Century!
Rangers like almost every other club in the world took chants from the stands as part and parcel of the game but have now had to join the tit-for-tat retaliation.
In one way I'm pleased we've jumped on the "offended" merry-go-round and made a statement but in a way quite saddened that we've been forced into appearing to be so fkn thin skinned that we have to make a statement about some chants from opposition supporters just because everyone else seems to be doing it.

monkey magic

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This is good to see but we should be calling out all opposing fans that sing sectarian songs and give sectarian abuse towards our manager, players and supporters.


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I always wonder what goes through McInnes' head when they sing their subhuman songs glorifying the Ibrox disaster and that vicious assault on Durrant.