Rangers Single Malt

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I just can’t decide which one to open!
Nice range too, bit of smoke, well aged grain and a Speyside is it? Happy dramming! :))


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Which one did you open?

I went for the Blue.
Savoured a large one and will really enjoy this bottle over the next few weeks.

Loved it, but Islay malts are my favourite.
The 30 year old single grain. Had a nice wee double and then another tonight.

Lovely stuff! Can't wait to dig into the others!


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Still needing the red bottle if anyone knows of any going.

Was hoping a couple of these would maybe pop up on auction sites at some point but can’t see it.


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The 55 will look good in a display cabinet as it is a very nice design, missed out completely on the Rangers range but hopefully more designs and options to come in the future


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I am gonna hold onto these for a while.

Might buy another 55 for drinking, but I have ordered a drinks cabinet and these will looks glorious in it.