Rangers: the party crashers

Smiler Boyd

Unbelievable. Great stats. When you consider what we are up against. The other teams don't have a fat Japs Eye Slug and his muppets running their football associations


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was all fun and games when they were putting 5 past Kiernan and co. Broon the gormless bastard getting away with absolute murder, thumb heid acting the cunt for a bit of attention, laps of honour, effigies hanging from the top tier

now they come out a game burst looking like rabbits in the headlights because we have solid, hard cunts that dont take any pish



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If we win tomorrow, we have a lead that cannot be matched / bettered by the scum at the 75% point of the season.

69 V 67 (assuming the scum won 7 games on the spin and we lost 4 in a row).
the next game is always the biggest, but in this instance it's true mate. yet again they have dropped points - last week we didn't capitalise on it, this week we must turn the screw and fuck them into the earth.