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Cheesers will soon be deemed a hate crime.


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it's great to say that Morelos' movement is causing problems and that means he's playing well but there's players on the bench that could do that without giving Aberdeen 3 chances to counter attack in 45 minutes.


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Nothing to do with that, I think it’s the way people hone in on a couple of slack passes out of the full first 45 and put intense focus on that. Add to that on a couple of those chances the ball still has to travel most of the length of the pitch before they get a chance so we should be intercepting before that.

Yeah he needs to tighten up his play significantly, but if the chance that came from Balogun misjudging the flight of the ball had lead to a goal you can bet your arse that would have been ignored and it would have been a case of piling into Morelos for losing the ball 90-100 yards from our own goal.
The intense focus on him is a result of him having only a handful of good performances in a calender year now though.

He is a square peg in a round hole in this team, he doesn't have the ability to play as a false 9 efficiently.


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Its sometimes not even worth replying mate. It's the same names with the negativity. They just seem to need it.

If we go on and win by 4 or 5 from here you won't see them again until Thursday night when somebody makes a slack pass.
Been saying it for a while that it's the same folk every time. Seemingly remarkably similar usernames too.

Anyway, 2nd half time. Mon the Rangers !


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Morelos hasn't played that well so far, but he still is showing terrific movement and creating gaps for others.

Him, Aribo, Roofe and Kent as a front 4 is scarily good and if they all click at once someone is in for a helluva beating.
I was actually thinking that, just before he gave the ball away that led to their free kick just before half time.
I though that while he’s not had a chance and he’s not really offered much in possession but he has offered some really good movement, pulling their defence all over the place, same with barisic, he’s been found in central areas which he should be nowhere near, but it shows how we pull their players all over the place.
Team look comfortable, at ease and as every match goes on, looking like a title winning team.


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What excuse did I give? I said he had made some poor passes. His movement is giving the Aberdeen defenders lots of problems.

Go put the kettle on.
He's giving our defenders lots of problems in the game I'm watching.

I adore the wee man, but he has to stop giving the ball away.

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Just the tip...
Agree with this entirely. It's not been Alfie's best game but he's dragging defenders out of position and creating space for others - we're also winning comfortably at half time against one of our tougher opponents and we've played some great stuff at times.

I think some folk will moan if we aren't winning 8 nil every week
In all honesty some of his touches have been really poor and it’s been a recurring theme this season which is frustrating so he does need to tighten it up significantly.

But, as Boyd and folk who actually ‘get’ football are explaining now, Morelos is actually causing them no end of problems and creating a lot of space for other players in the side. It’s a selfless gig. Sadly for many folk it’s as black and white as “3 bad passes, he’s pish, get him aff and get Itten on”.


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Timposters showing their desperation by trying to rattle in negativities on a great first half. Morelos is playing a different role to his usual leading the line, this will take time for him to settle into role.


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Alfie has been fantastic, I know he's lacking goals but the team are more than making up for it around him.
His defending from the front closing everything down is great and his link up past has improved immensely the past few weeks.
I know Defoe took him under his wing last year but I think you can see a bit of Roofe's play rubbing of on him as well this season.
He's learning from both and will be a better rounded player for it
Alfie now has the quality around him to help develope his game, he even seems to be happier now despite not having the top spot. So I dont think its simply a dip in form, hes going to mature into a very good all round striker.


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The movement of our players between positions is just phenomenal. There was a point in that first half when Kent, our left winger, was playing one-twos with our centre back Goldson both in the defensive midfield position. Meanwhile our right back is bursting forward to get beyond our further forward okayed, Scott Arfield, who’s gone into the number 9 position as Alfie has dropped off into the number 8 role.

Must be a nightmare to set your team up to defend against.


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Been saying it for a while that it's the same folk every time. Seemingly remarkably similar usernames too.

Anyway, 2nd half time. Mon the Rangers !
It's absolute poison. He had three dodgy passes, oh no, what a disaster. If Morelos was causing us real issues he'd be dropped but instead he is clearly executing the instructions he is being given by management in a more than satisfactory manner. He's not on fire at the moment but he's hardly playing poorly.
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