MOTM Poll Rangers v Aberdeen - 12:00 Sunday - Sky Sports

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The Lone Sniper

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A hell of a team!

Chester Loyal

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Feels like there’s been an attitude/mentality change from the management team towards the midfield. There’s no way they’d have started a midfield like that in years previous. I like it.

We’re starting to really believe now and it’s brilliant to see.


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That is an extremely attacking team.

Bit different in the middle of the park. Be interesting to see if we can quickly get the balance right.

Front three is mouthwatering.

DJ Blue

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Not the team I'd have went with but with I suppose he's looking to the players that played international games and resting a few.

Anyway lets get into these Covid ridden scum


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That sort of lineup must give teams the fear. None of this one up front while they sit in. Now they all have to defend just to keep the score down.


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Shows how much I know.

I was sure Aribo and Balogun would be on the bench after playing in Africa midweek and that Kamara was a certainty to start.
Think it's only a 7 hour flight and only an hour ahead, so no big shock to the body when you're sat in 1st class
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