Match Thread Rangers v Aberdeen - 19:45 Wednesday - Only

As per the managers request I'd love to hear the fans belting out all the songs we can from simply the best,follow follow,every other Saturday,we are rangers,no surrender obviously minus any tweeks that give the haters the chance to try take the shine off our march back to the top of Scottish football.To top it off 4-0 for us to put sheep in their rightful place


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Gerrard has said that if we score early and go two up against a team then we should keep going to get as many as possible then they would remember that for the next time we play them. Aberdeen are due a gubbing at Ibrox. Turn up the volume and let them have it.


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The problem with it being so tight at the top is that every fcking game is squeaky bum time. Huge game last Sunday, huge game tomorrow, but Dundee next Sunday is just as big. That said, one game at a time. Tomorrow night can prove that revenge is a dish best served not cold, but at maximum temperature . . .


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The players will have a point to prove against these sheep shagging, hammer throwers!

3-0 Rangers!

Not even concerned about the win, I am concerned about the high possibility of Red cards being flashed though!
First game since the semi-final against these fannies and I'm excited!

The manager has asked for the fans to play their part and I've no doubt we will.

Keep the fire burning!


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Tomorrow night will be my 4th game this season, all midweek and most in a season since 2006 and it's only December :D

I haven't seen Rangers lose to Aberdeen at Ibrox since 91 and fully expect that still to be intact tomorrow, 3 0 Gers.


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We are due this lot a pumping, and with Alfredo back up front we will be far better equipped than the semi-final. They are missing Mackay-Steven who was the only player that bothered us at all in the that game in open play.


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Right lads be positive. No berating players or panic merchant cliches. And at no point post " game over " should we take an early lead. Fancy Rangers to win handily here. Roar us on.
As Stevie G reminded the media conference today, so far Aberdeen have faced just 12 minutes of our front men in two games this season. Stunning reality. Let’s hope we show them the difference it makes.
I'm more excited about this game than any others this season. Being top is brilliant and I just want to stay there now. 9 points in the next 3 games and put some pressure on the scum.


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We've started December with a big three points and now we have to cement this result by winning at home.

We say it all the time but it's all about how we start.
Early pressure leading to early goal and we are capable of battering them.


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Match day can't wait to get to Ibrox tonight,
Going for 2-0 tonight, Morelos to hit the record,and Jack cause it's overdue and I fancy a bit of HYSTERIA tonight!!!
In real terms any win will do!,no injuries please,and keep 13men on the park, just to upset avril.


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Calico Jack

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Really looking forward to this.

Abergreens real cup final, playing at Ibrox at Rangers. A sheep shagger last year said "I don't care if we don't win anything as long as we finish above Rangers".

Says it all.

Come on Rangers find your flow against them and give them a doing.

#Let's go.