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Was going to give up ticket but after that devastating news today I'll be there hopefully we get a convincing win for Walter!

Will be an emotional evening!


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Aberdeen have little chance of getting anything in this match. For the sake of many on here after St. Mirren, hopefully Rangers score early and not just once.

I see nothing but a home win and a rousing crowd reaction in memory of SWS.
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It’s got to be a victory.

Put bluntly the players are going to be in for a rough ride if they emerge with anything less for him.


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Don’t want to be the negative guy. But, they will be up for this and we will need to earn the win. Don’t care about their recent form. Today's events wont make it any easier and there is a danger that the emotion of the occasion will work against us. That said, I hope and pray that the players and staff can produce a fitting performance for Walter.

7 - 1


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Setting aside today's very sad news (extremely difficult, I know), this is the game that has me worried leat this season. Should be a comfortable win.

Valley Bluenose

RTV? Completed it mate!
I thought I saw a post on here earlier about him !

Well that's a bit of good news on an otherwise sad day.
You did. All gone now once it was, eventually, confirmed to be false. Couple of threads pulled. The Jimmy Millar in question was a well-known Chef who had an obituary posted on another Rangers website. No malicious intent, it was posted well before the Walter Smith news and simply caused some confusion and some 2+2=5.


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Hopefully we go out and give this mob a doing tomorrow night. Will be an emotional night regardless. 4-0 to the famous


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Whoever comes out of the tunnel tomorrow will simply have never heard a noise like the one they'll be experiencing.
Rangers will win tomorrow, to a chorus of 'WS'sBAWA', from start to finish. Apart from, of course the impeccably observed minute's silence for the father of our modern day club.


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I really hope the emotion of the last 24 hours doesn’t work against us and we are a bit flat sometimes human nature cant be helped but i would like to thing we will come out absolutely firing for Mr Rangers


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Like yourselves, losing a pillar of our club has been extremely emotional. It’s not often I shed a tear but there’s been more than one occasion today when I’ve saw or read something that has brought it on.

It’s going to be tough again tomorrow night and we’re probably playing against a support that has the least respect for us & I only hope that they have the decency to stay silent when required.

As sad as it may be, I also hope that Walter Smith’s passing will be the catalyst that will inspire our players for the remainder of the season & I can see us putting 5 past them.

In Walter we Trust


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It’s going to be tough again tomorrow night and we’re probably playing against a support that has the least respect for us & I only hope that they have the decency to stay silent when required.
That crossed my mind as well. The awful fans are one thing but the Aberdeen team, any Aberdeen team, is always highly motivated to take anything from Rangers.

It’ll be emotional just following the game from afar, God only knows what it’ll be like in Ibrox across the evening but it will be the most charged game in many, many years.

I just hope Gerrard and the players can channel what’s coming down from the stands and make it something very special for Walter.


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Aberdeen games are always major affairs. Walter started his journey with that incredible 2-0 win at Ibrox for 3IAR. I still maintain that was the most electric atmosphere my boys and I have witnessed at Ibrox. The emotion on that day I am sure will be closely matched tonight as a send off to the great man.


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I really hope with the noise from the fans and the emotion around the club that we get a right good win for Walter. I want our team to show a level of fight we've not seen in a while for a great man and make sure when he's looking down on us taking in the game he's got a smile on his face.

Do it for Walter guys.