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It really is absolutely hammering it down - hopefully the pitch should be OK. The fact there have been breaks in the rain over the days should help. Think with the Livingston one it had been absolutely belting it down for days.


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The game should still be OK, at least I am hoping so. Saw pictures of Edminston Drive though and it is pretty flooded at the moment.


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I've no idea how we'll feel when the game kicks off but it's hard to get up for this.

I shed a tear when Davie Cooper died. Davie is my hero, the enormous hero of my youth. This time I've cried like Walter is a member of my family. I'm not comparing them as such, just trying to point out the enormity of what's happened this week. Walter is the hero of my adulthood.

Two men who dignified everything good about Rangers, the club they loved. Two enormous heroes!


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Guys apologies for asking this, I’ve got covid my brain is wrecked and I’m exhausted. Can I watch this on RTV without a vpn in the uk by paying the £9.99?


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We should have Kamara back. The midfield duel of Lundstram and Brown could be interesting at times. Hopefully a settled back four for this. I just wonder if the midfield may be tweaked a little for this game, or will Aribo stay there tonight. Roofe, and Morelos will most probably be start, for definite.
Brown won’t get all his own way in a physical battle against Lundstram.
Then, second part to that, Lundstram is a munch better footballer so, when that battle is over, I’d be expecting it to be our man with the prize.


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Unless the rain goes off I can't see how this game will be on.

Absolutely pelting down and has been for over 2 hours non stop.


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Very emotional occasion for us all; a performance that would make Walter proud would be fitting.
Get tore intae them, Rangers!!
3-0 for The Famous.


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What do these fuds get out of making up rumours about postponements and pitch inspections ffs
Only seen people ask the question, haven’t seen anyone claim that there is an inspection.


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I think I've never been so nervous before the game. It's a must win, with class please. Simple as that. And it has very little to do with three points available (eventhough they're important too).


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This feels like the biggest game of the season so far. Time to make the Gaffer proud Bears. Still feel so numb after yesterday's news RIP Walter


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Exactly the same weather as Walter's final home game vs Dundee Utd on a pishing-it-doon midweek. He did a full lap round the stadium and, for what seemed like the first time ever, no one had left.

Quite fitting that this is the weather for tonight. Get intae them Rangers!


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One of these rain radar sites is saying that the worst of the rain should be finishing around now, a only some drizzle between now and kick off.