MOTM Poll Rangers v Benfica - 20:00 Thursday - BT Sport

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Born a Barras Hick

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Alfie putting in a shift tracking back and he's making a huge contribution. My only concern is it is leaving us short of an outball so we are struggling to get meaningful posssesion in their half.


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Good first half against a good team.

The worry is that the midfield is having to do a lot of work and we don't have any replacements with the 3 injuries.


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Delighted to be 1-0 up as they have been better than us for much of that half.

A bit more composure in possession is required or it will be a long 2nd half.


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Great first half. Two good teams who press well and can cause each other problems.

happy to be 1 up as we haven’t created too many clear chances so far. They have had a lot of the ball, let’s hope for more possession from us in the second half.


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They are a really good side but I can’t see any reason we can’t win the game. We look dangerous when Kent is running in behind.

Mr Wilton

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A very professional performance so far, git ahead and they have tried to press, our positional play and the way we’ve pushed their wingers in numbers is tactically excellent! They’re a very very good side, bit more of the same Rangers and maybe make our attacking play count a bit more.


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The whole team playing well Arfield just shades it for me, apart from scoring he's made some good tackles, in dangerous positions for them.


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Really solid and limiting a champions league quality team to no shots on target so far lot of 7/8s out of 10 all round get the 2nd and third to hopefully put it to bed they have been quite passive


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Good first half Rangers. Took our chance and haven't given them time on the ball. That commentator is as depressed as feck that we're winning.