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erskine bear

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Thought Kent tracked back well first half and broke play up a few times as did Arfield. This playing out from the back to keep possession gies me the heebies sometimes tho.
We’ve not really been doing it an awful lot, their press is making us go long pretty quick. Back 4 & McGregor taking 0 risks in that regard, which is good to see.


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Roofe should have had a shot did brilliantly and made space but then turned inside again
We are playing well, Arfield, Kent, Alfie and Kamara looking sharp.


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We're putting some shift in here. We're having to though. Benfica are a really good team. Some top players. Rangers one up and doing us proud once again. Would take that all day long.
They are playing a 4-2-4 which we are having to cope with by pulling Kent and Morelos back, I don’t expect in fact they won’t play like this for the full 90 minutes - see out to the 60th and we will win 2-0


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Benfica are every bit the CL side.

So, it would appear, are we.

They have had a good bit of the ball but been restricted to a single real chance and a couple of half chances. We have looked comfortable, relaxed and have had our own moments.

A little individual praise needs to go to Alfie, he has ran his arse off again and some of his play with his back to goal has been excellent. He, on his own, gives us a great platform to build moves in the opposition half.


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Our team this season man for man has been superb, the work rate from every player is phenomenal. We look confident in every game I’ve seen and I don’t think I’ve watched a game yet and thought we are in trouble here.
Please keep it up !

Moodiesburn Blue

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I think Kent has the beating of their defence if we can get him on a one on one situation. Maybe more opportunities 2nd half if they leave a bit more space at the back

Leif Erikson

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They are a very good side, stats so far they have 55% possession, 30 dangerous attacks to our 17 and 2 corners to our none. Hope we can attack a bit more in second half to compliment our excellent defending.

Those stats are utterly meaningless. "dangerous attack" simply means they've been in the final third. It's a stat invented by bookies to encourage you to bet.

There's no need for us to attack at 1-0 when it's patently obvious they can be got at on the counter.


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Limited them to half chances first half. Would like to see us keeping hold of the ball a bit more which when we are on it, we are very good at it.
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