MOTM Poll Rangers v Benfica - 20:00 Thursday - BT Sport

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I was just talking to my father in law about that, they’ve pressed hard but we haven’t panicked at all, and we’ve dealt with it.
3 years ago we’d have took an absolute doing off teams like this, but now we are almost at total ease, zero pressure and very deserving and looking every inch a top top European club .
Same discussion in (not) my house.
We just wonder if they can maintain this.
Hopefully not.


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This commentary is a disgrace no enthusiasm what so ever every time Benfica go on attack McLean is having an orgasm

Someone posts this every time we play on BT Sport.

MacLean has never, in his entire career, came across as a particularly enthusiastic commentator.

To call him “a disgrace” is hysterical nonsense.