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Superb pic


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For their players, I thought Fuchs was a big part in how they where able to play so offensively in the first half especially. No doubt he had a bit of refereeing luck.
He acted as ball winning midfielder, central midfielder, the guy they always passed to and even a sort of scott arfield role in the latter stages of the second half. Caused us all sorts of headaches.
We were a lot better today though it wasn’t a comfortable opening 25 mins. I wonder why it seems to take us 20 mins to get going in a lot of games recently. Aribo was much better today and this is the what we should demand from him every week and he has all the talent in the world just has to start believing in him self more.


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After the result in Dingwall it really has been another BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY !!
#55 is coming, and Steven Gerrard will be an Ibrox hero forevermore.
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Penalty miss aside, I thought Borna was excellent today.

wasn’t sure if he could “step up” with Tav missing but he was making driving runs forward, getting himself into space and put some cracking balls in.

really impressed, considering DU left Balogun in space and tried to close his side down