Match Thread Rangers v FK Shkupi - 19:45 Thursday 12th - BT Sports


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Tell you what, Gerrard will learn a lot more about these players starting from today with competitive action, I suspect he’ll start to find out what some of us already know about a few of these players and that’ll already have him casting his eye towards the January transfer window if he can’t get more immediate changes now.


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It'll be interesting to see how harsh (if at all) SG will be on the players in the post-match interviews.

There's been plenty of effort. Just a lack of quality to break down such a defence.


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It’s become a routine before every season. Heeeey it’s all great, I’m ready for 55!!! Then we get into competitive action and it’s boo hiss we’re shite we’re miles away etc

There’s no inbetween.
We see it on the individual match threads too our support is very much bipolar, with no middle ground. Everyone is either a world beater or utter shite.

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This has been a terrible second half.

We really need better quality in the wide areas and midfield. Flanagan and Murphy doesn't work on the left and Windass is useless on the right.


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As is quite evident tonight, both on here and in the stands, calls for perspective and patience are not grounded in anything close to reality.
We're playing a pub team tbf . First big game of the season infront of a packed stadium and we can't really lift it against absolute dross. Maybe folk just expected a bit more than more of last season, especially given all the letsgo patter and talk of our fitness.

Thank %^*& for that