Match Thread Rangers v Hamilton - 15:00 Sunday -

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Caught the 2nd half of this game then the 2nd half of the Liverpool game. The gulf in quality is of course frightening yet we have people on here who expect us to bring in EPL quality players to replace the likes of Tav, Halliday and Laff yet turn their noses up when Davies or Solanke are mentioned.
Live in the now Bears. We’re doing just fine, honest.
To be fair I don't want Davies either - whoever he is.. :cool::cool::p


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The megabus from London is something I'll never do again. A truly eye opening(and watering) experience.

Fair play to you mate. :eek:
Wasn't pretty mate but couldn't face sitting around an airport for over 12 hours waiting on the next flight.

The fact a steaming English burd was sick all over herself before the bus had left the coach station made the experience even more enjoyable as you can imagine.
That was a little difficult to watch. We controlled the game, but didn't really mix it up. We continually crossed the ball into the box rather than trying to take on their defenders in one to one situations. A great 3 points and we're top of the league. Happy days but I won't object if the team can go 2 or 3 up in future and possibly stop shortening my life. Not only that but I'd bet 2-0 and 3-0. All in all a very good Sunday.


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This was a great win, especially after playing on Thursday; to go top of the league on the back of three poor results is welcome. Wednesday's match is crucial; hopefully the players react and take heed of the manager's post match comments- we really need to take more of chances. One thing that was a little frustrating was the amount of stray passes, especially crossfield out wide; players had the potential to collect a good ball but it would either be under hit or over hit before they could do much. Happy though, and six points from the next two games has to be the aim.
Another really frustrating game. Our failure to kill games is going to cost us.
Brilliant goal from Candeias
Barasic had a brilliant game
Grezada seems to be getting better
Lafferty is a complete waste who brings nothing to the game.
Nothing much on tbe rest, all very mediocre.
But a vital 3 points after recent results esp with the taigs dropping points.Now another big game on Wednesday but having Morelos back will be a huge boost.
If we had cutting edge, we'd be cruising this league. I'll take a 1 nil but we really need to improve. Sponsors motm McAuley, rtv motm Grezda.
Was I watching a different game?
Jack or Candeias for me.
For me, serious money needs to be invested in middle to front. Lafferty looks a shadow of the player from last season.
Did you see a lot of him last season then?
First game of the season I’ve managed to get to. Why we kept just lumping high balls into the box I have no idea. Tedious, boring and ineffective tactic. We needed to vary it a bit.

We will need to improve massively for the remaining games before the break. I’m back for the Dhims game at the end of the month. Hopefully we come out of that one still top of the league (ideally by a few more points:)). I will take ‘grinding out’ results for the next 4 games if that’s what it takes though. Points over performance right now but a bit of both would be nice.

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Only against us or highlights. Why? Isn't that enough? In current form, he also doesn't look capable of scoring the same amount of goals as last season.
He was picked for just about every Hearts game and scored 20 in 46 games. He's played 18 games for us, mostly as a sub, and scored 4 times. Games involving us are far more closed with goalscoring opportunities at a premium, and from less actual game time..


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We are a few days in and I am still amazed at that save the Hamilton gk made. It's not often you watch replays and still think you're watching the matrix. I still have no idea how he kept Lafferty's header out.

Only McGregor is capable of a save to eclipse that. I expect it will win save of the season.