Match Thread ** Rangers v Hearts -12:30 Sunday 22nd - Sky Sports **

Papa Sasac

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3-0 Gers.

Got to rally like fvck for these last 5 games.

Forget Celtic winning the league and who they do it against. Focus on us and make sure we’re the best of the rest, despite the feeling of dejection.

Huge game and we need a huge reaction from these players who are now playing for their futures.

George Goudie

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I thought this post from the other thread was great and deserving of cutting and pasting.

It's not mine ... it's from @Sasa Papac if he comes on and posts it I'll delete this one.


I for one will have the beers in and looking forward to watching my team.

Snooker from 10am, Gers game, super Sunday games and Juve v Napoli later.

Couldn’t care less about if and when Celtic can win their league. Come on the Gers today! Positive reactions in the face of adversity is a benchmark of big clubs. We need to come out fighting with the aim of winning 5 from 5 in the run in. Strip away all the crap, support our team and I desperately hope the board and DoF are lining up a palatable managerial replacement for next season.


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My expectations are low today. Not because I’ve given up on Rangers, but because many of those players have given up on Rangers. Our weak manager isn’t helping either.

Prove me wrong, Rangers!


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We desperately need something to give us a bit of hope for next week. We've played some shit games this season but managed to perk up. Hopefully this latest dip can be turned around.


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Guts churning. Can the team find bottle within a week of last weeks total capitulation before they even set foot on the pitch? We need a sports psychologist!!
Think we will sneak a 2-1 victory if we are lucky. I've always doubted whether the manager has the attributes to fire the team up so today will be interesting. Naismith to score for Hearts if he starts, typical of our luck just now.

Lamberts Teeth

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Don’t care how we do it it’s all about 3 points. I’m expecting a big reaction today, if the player starting aren’t capable then they don’t have a future with the club.


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I wonder who will be left out.

Candeias? Halliday? Morelos ? Docherty?

Murty`s team selection will be interesting.

Dont see us winning i`m afraid. Draw which is not good enough.