Match Thread ** Rangers v Kilmarnock - 15:00 Saturday 17th - **


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Last week we were going tonto, great atmosphere.
Tomorrow our players will have to give us a boost from the start.
Good start please Rangers and keep the groaners and moaners at bay.

Valley Bluenose

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Living in Wales I don’t get to Ibrox too often these days, but tomorrow I have my cousin’s SmartCard for the day. Yee Ha.:cool:

0630hrs start for the journey up the M6, stop off in Larkhall and then in to Ibrox with 2 of my cousins. Can’t wait.:D Straight back down the road after the game.:(

Don’t let me down Rangers.:)


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For someone naturally pessimistic I feel really confident for this one.

Strongly fancy us to win by 2 or 3.

And Morelos to score.


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We came close to winning last Sunday, but not close enough. My guess is that some of the player's confidence will have been knocked, although they might not admit it. So, it could either stifle us today or act as a spur to get back to winning ways. For the hundreth time on FF we can win this with 3 in midfield and cut out Mulumbu ( mind you, he only came on for last 25 mins against County). Put Windass up front. That means Morelos gets dropped. Goes well, change formation and bring on M&C together. If close game and Windass posted missing change at half time & bring on Cummings. Murty has to be more flexible & learn from his mistakes.


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Looking forward to getting back into it after a long week of basically avoiding football i.e. in the huff. Something I would like to see us improve is getting strikers into the box and across the front of the keeper and also arriving in at the back post. Last week, just like most games, saw wonderful chances coming in from out wide and we just didn’t anticipate the chance coming.


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I'm hoping the team is still steamed at letting sunday's match get awaay from them and they come out, full on tonto.....


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Looking for a strong response today. Ideally a couple of goals ahead by the half hour mark. The noise inside the stadium last week was incredible, let's hope the majority of fans don't lose their voice again this week


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Kilmarnock at Ibrox really should always be a home win, however a home record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses, along with Kilmarnock having a decent season by their standards, would suggest victory is far from certain.
Fingers crossed there's no hangover from last weekend and we see a comfortable Rangers win.


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Just leaving for the game,looking for a performance and a result,against the best team performance wise since turn of the year.3-1 Glasgow Rangers.