Match Thread ** Rangers v Kilmarnock - 15:00 Saturday 5th - **


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Yeah why not, lets let the killie midfielders run through unchallenged.

Its a physical game and they have midfield runners, Goss would be better going home for a sleep.

Seems to me Goss is better setting up goals and giving us some creativity don’t you agree? Glad he isn’t sleeping


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Thoroughly deserved win for us.

McCrorie was brilliant in the second half.

Heartbreaking that Goss couldn't get a game ahead of Halliday or Holt some weeks
He's got a wand of a left foot


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The win is all that matters. McCrorie did well we he came on, Bates is our best defende by a mile.

We need to go to Aberdeen on Tuesday and win


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Much better, showed commitment, dig and a never say die attitude.

Just a shame it’s a couple of weeks too f*cking late - makes it all the more infuriating!