Match Thread ** Rangers v Kilmarnock - 15:00 Saturday 5th - **


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Good goal.
How ironic, Bates who is away at the end of the season and with nothing to play for other than professional pride is our scorer and the rest of the team who should be playing to keep their places in our squad are clueless again (McCrorie excepted).


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We're controlling it because Kilmarnock are content to let us have the ball. We're so predictable that they can easily stifle our 'attacks' and hope to hit us on the break (when there's a good chance we'll make a defensive error).
We have controlled the game well though and had the ball in good areas. Just not created enough. The goal was well worked and well deserved.


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Yeah why not, lets let the killie midfielders run through unchallenged.

Its a physical game and they have midfield runners, Goss would be better going home for a sleep.

Seems to me Goss is better setting up goals and giving us some creativity don’t you agree? Glad he isn’t sleeping