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Hes just back from injury makes more sense to manage him appropriately than rush him back in. Guessing it's the same with Arfield as well.
Possibly however if he is on the bench he is fit to play a part, could have had the first 60.. hopefully he gets some minutes

True Blue Avenger

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Interesting team to say the least.

Huge opportunity for Lowry to really stake a claim for a starting jersey, hope the wee man is buzzing and grabs it with both hands.

Looking forward to seeing more of Sands. A less intense game than the sheep so hopefully he's more prominent.

Now or never for Itten. At home to a bottom half team and leading the line...really needs to show he's got what it takes. Fingers crossed for the big man.

Fashion will be our main man tonight I reckon, his rawness and unpredictability could well leave livi defenders baffled.

2-0 gers, Fashion and Ittten.


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Looking forward to seeing Sands and Lowry again. Hope Ced pushes on after his goal the other day. I have faith in Wright, but he must perform tonight or he's not going to get too many more starting opportunities.

Walter Sobchak

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I would love to be convinced by Wright. He needs to start giving us something more. Excited to see how young Lowry does - hopefully not battered by the hammer throwers.


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Big night for Lowry and Sands to show what they’ve got. Would like an early couple of goals to settle the nerves.


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Possibly however if he is on the bench he is fit to play a part, could have had the first 60.. hopefully he gets some minutes
I thought he might have started in the number 10 position tonight but makes more sense to manage his playing time than rush him back. Suspect he will get half an hour if we're comfortable


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Can see the reasoning behind Lowry and big Ced starting. Get a solid 60 minutes before using the 5 subs when Livi are blowing out their arse second half. Good luck wee man looking forward to seeing you play


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It's like the transfer thread in here :D

Wright's only playing cause Kent is suspended otherwise he would probably be on the bench. He's a squad player not a starter it's what he was brought in to do.


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How can folk say the midfield looks poor? Kamara a starter, and we’ve seen Lowry and Sands once. Not exactly merit to say it is a poor midfield or even one to worry about. Surely one to be excited at.

Kamara + Sands, Lowry with a chance to impress then Jack or Arfield coming on, what a horrible situation eh!

Midfield is completely fine for tonight, attack is hurt with Aribo, Morelos and Kent, Hagi all out, Gaffers hand forced with that one.


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Was hoping Aribo might've made the bench. Should have more than enough for Livi regardless.


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Where's Balogun tonight? Not on the bench. Has he had a set back? Could be the reason we are pushing for Souttar

Arran Honey Pear

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Without Morelos, Kent, Aribo and Hagi really hope the front 3 can perform and get some good service.
Be good if Tav and Borna can get into last 3rd and produce some top deliveries


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Decent line up and more than enough to win on a normal day. Glad to see Barker involved again. The smiles between him and Gio on Friday told a story and hopefully he can reach his peak again.

Rangers 3-0 Livingston

Tavernier (Pen)


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Really pleased for Lowry.

On the flip side, that selection really shows to me the need to add at least one if not two first team additions to the midfield/attack before the month is out.


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Need some end product from Scott Wright tonight, big one for Lowry again. Come on the rangers!

Hm, the cynic in me says that the mysterious Balogun stuff is related to him being anti-vax/unvaccinated and that's also why he had to miss Afcon...