Rangers v Poznan - Player By Player Ratings from the newspapers

Broxbound Bear

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Weird how the press is underrating Kamara's performance and parts of FF underrating Davis's.

Both were fantastic, on the balance of it Kamara was probably better.
I never pay attention to these......opinion of one person. I thought we have had better games this season but believe a lot of us underestimated the opposition. Fact is job done, 3 points, nothing conceded, we move on. Let’s concentrate on Kellie and Benfica will take care of itself.


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The press don’t seem to get the outstanding job that Kamara does for us, his ratings never reflect the great job he does.
It’s really only the last report that failed to accept that Kamara had a fine game. 2/3 isn’t too bad for the Scottish presspack.


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I cannot believe I just read that . A 6 out of 10 for a midfield masterclass ?? Clueless ,useless clowns our MSM.
They don’t want to praise him in case it adds value to his transfer fee. It is the same narrative we’ve seen for years, talk down the ability of Rangers players and talk up the Dhims.
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