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Based on the 2nd half I’d say we were lucky to get away with the draw. Absolutely had rings run round us for large parts.
Lad that got their equaliser probably shouldn’t have been on the park by that point though as should have had 2 yellows.
Our defending at corners is honking though.

Great move for our first and shows we can hurt them. It’s not beyond us but it’s going to be difficult but equally think they’ll be wary of us on the counter.


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Certainly not favourites now, need a Dortmund like performance.

First half not much in the game, second half we get a lucky break, but I thought we were second best.

The failure to defend set pieces is a glaring issue. Goldson for me at both goals has to do so much better.

Hopefully we can do it next week, but they’re a good side and I wouldn’t put my house on it.
Goldson was awful tonight.
I can't believe Morelos didn't come on tonight
I can he's in terrible shape. Nowhere near match fit.


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Think it's fair enough to be critical of our defending at set pieces.

They could have quite easily have scored four goals tonight, had the early chance and the McLaughlin save gone differently.

Other than the two goals, I'm struggling to remember more than one other chance we created.

I agree a draw is a fair result against them but plenty we should be looking to improve upon.
We matched a very good team imo

Cannot complain with our performance outwith two corners.

They have got £50 million rated winger and a Dutch international striker that we kept relatively quiet.


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What a surprise - Goldson costing us a goal in a crucial match. Worst piece of transfer business we’ve done in the last 12 months not getting shot of him.
By that logic who would have been your Dream team centre half pairing assuming goldson is not one of them taking into account our limited transfer budget.
Helander not available soutter injured
Balogan no longer with us.
Just interested! but I know goldson is prone to some howlers.
Point me and hopefully gio in the right direction

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We have needed a. Upgrade at centre half for a couple of seasons. Bassey grew into that at the right time last season. Goldson is a very solid decent defender but against the best players needs it all. We need quality along side him.

Sands is growing and improving and did well tonight. But guess that is where we are. All to play for. Seems a big ask to win in Eindhoven. But then we beat Dortmund.


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We’ll score in Holland, but defensively we’ve a lot of work to do and I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet.
I love Goldson, but I look forward to the day that Davies and Helander line up together to see what they bring defensively. Davies also has great feet.

I thought Colak, Lundtram, Davis, Tillman, Tavernier, Barasic and McLoughlin were very good and everyone else decent.

Kent is still getting fit, same with Jack, Alfie not fully ready and Hagi and Helander long term. Souttar and Roofe somewhere in between. Would be great to get through and see what our Gerard and GVB assembled squad can do after our fantastic 4 year apprenticeship in the Europa League.

Within touching distance of the Champions League. Let’s do it Rangers!

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I thought PSV were a decent team if you let them.

We seemed slow and hesitant across our defence and defensive mid. They were happy enough to let us get bogged down midfield forward. We didn't make enough chances against their defence which I thought were shaky when the ball was moved quickly in the final third.

Tie isn't over and we'll have another 90 in the legs come the weekend which hopefully helps to get Tillmans fitness/stamina up. Long lay offs CLR will do that to a person.

We do need to address our defending set pieces and corners because they'll target it next week..


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We're not aggressive enough. We won't go through the middle of their defence.

I'm not unhappy with this result though. I think we showed signs of brilliant play
but our defence is horrendous at times.
With our manager being a defender when he played you would think he would sort out the defence.


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The manager needs to have a word with Goldson about defending set pieces. He really isn’t attacking the ball in the manner he used to and is a non negotiable. The second goal in particular was pityful.
He defends like a fecking fairy at times.Gets on my bloody nerves .
Just attack the bloody ball for heavens sake .He didn't even jump for the seceond one . :mad:
We are really poor on crosses since the start of last season .
On a brighter note ,well done Borna .seems to be back to his best form or near it and Sands covers some ground but plays some real suicide balls at times and put Borna in a spot on a few occassions.
Sometimes its ok just to punt it up the park and take the pressure off .
We are well in this tie and certainly capeable of winning over there .

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At least we know what our homework is for the week. Not out by any stretch, but they are a good team. We will score next week, but need to keep them out too. Finely balanced, but we still believe in ourselves


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SPFL ought to be giving us a weekend free to prepare. We are still in with a shout but PSV - supported by their league - are favorites.


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Disappointed with Gio's management in the 2nd. Team fell off badly after a great first 45, but his subs actually made a bad situation worse


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Spent a fortune? They've spent £5m this season and £14m last season. Celtic have spent far more than them in recent years.

They were also in the conference league last season after finishing third in their Europa group.

We are good enough to beat them, we just didn't play at the level we're capable of tonight.
Mate, we’ve played a very very good team, we’re very much in the tie and given the difference in what each side play against every week domestically we’re showing ourselves to be punching again


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was crying out for Alfie. We couldn;t get out of our half in the whole 2nf 45. Nobody to hold it up and draw fouls.
Upside. They were good but not on the same level as Leipzig or Dortmund


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Need a fully fit Morelos and Kent at his peak for the return.

Colak was decent tonight but still doesn’t offer enough as a lone striker for me. He took his goal really well though.

At least Morelos when he was in the mood brought others into the game.

They seem a really good side and technically very comfortable.


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2-2 was a fair result.

We need to sign a cd and soon. The whole team struggle with physical teams.

Goldson was very poor and Kent was a man short again in a big game.


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Midfield was once again overrun once they pressed up the park - we don't have a midfielder who can link defence to attack and end up either playing it about at the back or launching it.

Kamara should be absolutely embarrassed with his contribution tonight - goes on at 2-1 to try and give us a bit of energy and played hide and seek or passed the ball 2 yards behind him. He's finished for us.
Clutching straws on Kamara .He was hardly on the park and did nothing wrong .
You just don't like him ,do you.
Give the lad a break .

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Goldson as much as anyone got us to a European final last season and whilst he's had a poor game tonight he can turn it round next week and help us get through.


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Immediate thought is the result is better than the performance.

I thought we needed a lead and, on that fact alone, I cannot be all that hopeful for next week.

But the lack of away goals is a positive. We kick off next Wednesday not “chasing” immediately, and that has to be viewed as a positive. It’s something to work with.

Obviously Goldson can’t be dropped but Barisic was dreadful. Time to see what the young Turk can do on Saturday


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Gutted at losing the second. But you know what? It's a shitty night, I'd have been happy with a draw at the start of the evening.So Still am.

I said to my wife before the game that I would not be unhappy with a draw tonight. I well remember 1978 when we were even with them after the first leg at Ibrox. We are still very much in this tie and our record at their place is good.


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Because our centre backs are not doing there jobs.
I think we lack players who can attack and win a header. I don't know what system we use but it looked like it was zonal as we had about four players along the six yard box including Goldson. The big fellow who scored the second had a free run in the box and got the jump on Goldson although Goldson seemed to give up on it.


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Wright surpassed him by the length of PRW.

Didn't clear his lines
Gave the ball away any time he had it
Fouled the guy just outside their box and
never crossed into the box at the death.
Goldson at fault at both goals, and his passing especially into Sands was very poor. James Sands considering how bad his partner was had an excellent game.


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Honestly not the worst performance can’t give teams chances so easily at this level but. N we need to fix whatever is happening at corners don’t know if it’s zonal marking but it’s not working


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A second half spent admiring PSV for the most part. It's games like this that show just how little aggression we have in the side at centre back and centre midfield particularly.