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Tav, Davis and Kent apart we've been more than decent here.

Much better attitude for sure anyway.


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Much more assured performance and helps that kamara and Davis are in a two in midfield - we look a lot more solid.

Should be another goal clear so need to improve on taking clear cut chances; but great start.

erskine bear

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Haven’t created much since Hagi and Aribo switched, 15 minutes then Sakala/Wright on for Aribo on the right, for me.

Truffle Shuffle

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Lots of very positive signs in that first half, lots of work to be done and players to gel in the new formation but I tell you what I'm very encouraged by that. There's been mistakes and misunderstandings but it's only been a few days.

Certain players have found their edge again. We'll win this 3-0 tonight and 56 is coming.


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Hagi bar the goal looks like bambi and so easily beaten in midfield

Tav honking

Morelos much more like it

We are so poor in possession at times

Davis has acres to turn into but time and time again he turns back the way

Hard watch


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Still don’t think we’re getting everything out of these players tonight. Feels like an uneasiness has set into this squad. Happy with result so far but some more need to find their way into this game.


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Great first 25 mins but back to our inability to keep a ball for the last 20. Hopefully Gio sorts it and gets us firing. Early goal in second half and we’re good.


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Good first half. We should have scored at least three and the only chance of note they’ve had was that close range shot from the low cross saved by McGregor.

I’d be thinking of making a couple of subs second half. I’d consider bringing on Arfield for Aribo and Sakala or Patterson for Hagi.

I think Arfield would score in this type of open game where we can counter at will.


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Big Shirley has been on song tonight. Midfield kind of posted missing at time and we seem to fall out the game for decent spells.

Quick start to the 2nd half then hopefully we can push on with some momentum.


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Good performance. Morelos looks a bit uncomfortable.

Hagi been very sloppy but when he's off it he usually pops up with a goal.

More goals here for us if we're braver

Alfie shhh!

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Aribo should have buried that chance but 1 nil at HT will do. Need to step it up another few gears for the 2nd half and blast these cųnts away.