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Wade Wilson

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The clear difference in movement and pace with the ball and without the ball was pretty evident from the first whistle.

The width coming from the wingers was very evident. Probably because we're so used to Tav/Barisic doing that but it was a definite change in tactic there

Aribo as the no10 worked absolutely perfect. Unlucky with the shot that hit the crossbar after being set up by Kent. Couldn't quite keep the tap in down after the cross from Hagi and his shot when put through in the 2nd half went completely wrong but the fact that he was essentially in this positions is what the majority of us have been calling for.

Hagi won't last as the RW with Gio but in the first half alone he set up Buff for the goal and laid it on the plate for Aribo with a perfect cross. Hopefully he gets some time as the no10 as well.

Kent showed again he's the best player on the park whenever he's injury free. Going to be a massive boost having him available for these tough games coming up.

Don't think Kamara and Davis were 'great' but did enough to control the midfield. Might be some time before they're in full flow or maybe time for a little break, particularly Davis. Jack being back will help as well.

Well done to Goldson and Bassey. Tough week for one and the other playing out of position.

Much prefer 'that' Buff. That's the £20 million Buff of two seasons ago.

Brilliant start. But Livingston will be just as important.


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Any win in Europe these days is major for us, especially against a decent Czech team. I expected a draw. We played well in patches, but also allowed Sparta to dominate in periods towards the end of both halves. Gio has certainly made a difference. Not sure SG would have secured a win. Gio tweaked the system and it worked. Still a lot to do, but to score first and not concede has to be the team’s mantra from now on.

NUL bear

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Just watched it through again.
Good result but still think for large periods of the game we were a bit ponderous and , well, shambolic.
Miles better going forward though . Hope Morelos can sustain that sort of effort


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Not worth a thread and there was loads of good in that game, but other than the work for Morelos and a tidy back heel Hagi had a whores tits of a game, he was honking, it wrecks my head how often he can fall on his arse during a game as well.

wee bud's pit boots

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Credit where it is due, that was night and day from well, the rest of the season so far. Goldson by and large gets pass marks and then some. Some of his raking, diagonal balls were of the standard we we were treated to last season.

However, we still managed to go to sleep at times and if we had managed to snatch another fc-uk up from the jaws of a well deserved win, Aribo and Kent would have taken pride of place in the rogues gallery with three clear cut sitters between them, plus their first shot apiece should have resulted in better. In my opinion.

Still, after Sunday that was the least we deserrved.

PS, Craigan after Kent was hacked down around the 15-20 min mark. (Was it Visner, or such like?) That's what you like to see, a ref who will allow the play to flow. It was a stonewall yellow card.

This from a ratbag who was moaning about a Rangers player being lucky only to be receiving a yellow card in a previous tie this season. Possibly Brondy away.

Him and his sidekick could be doing with a BT ban too.


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Now I have come off a high there is no doubt we played better for 30 mins in each half then appeared to back off and slow down for the last 15 mins. If that is the improvement we have with Gio being there for only a few days just think what we are going to do when he has more time with the players.
Also I find the better you play the more luck you get so thank you to the eejit fullback who gave us a second goal.
Looking at the chances we made it could easily have been five.
Looking forward to Sunday and now full of confidence.


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Gio seems highly motivated to come and take this task on but what a start its been for him in his first game.

A huge game vs a really credible opponent and he gets the perfect tune out of the team, banishes the gloom and has us all happy again.