Rangers v Stranraer 17/01

Gibraltar Loyal

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Pish! Cannae go due to no ferries at that time of night.
Any chance of a game at 3pm on a Saturday?
Id suggest an already poor attendance will only be poorer for Friday night


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Personal thing but I am not keen on Friday night games. That said I only really like 3pm Saturday or 7:45pm midweek. Stuck in my ways.


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Love a Friday night game, straight into the town for a few beers then head to Ibrox. Nothing not to like from my perspective.


Will it be easy to get tickets for this match as was thinking of taking the wee lad over for a few days & book the stadium tour also for his birthday and flights aren't too bad at minute and hotel and prob need to book these soon ,

Royal Blue 2

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Fecking awful, want to try coming through from Edinburgh at five any night, but a Friday. Why have they picked that game FFS, why no leave it to the Saturday. Even worse if you are travelling from further - taking the piss. All about the Rangers no matter who we draw........