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Rangers radio returns Monday 1/07/19 for season 2019/20 weeknight shows between 9pm till 11pm
With regular match day shows run by fans for fans
Great news this is. WATP ! and once again Oxger and the rest will be giving it our Large on radio waves, Power to this Show, It is Brilliant, even when no so good, it's still all about us, The Rangers and it lights up our evening slot between 9pm to 11pm, Awesome !
Personal favs for me on the show are the lad Al from Australia, Bluestar, Stevie, Jimmy and the fella who seems to now be kind of missing, Blueshadow as all talk read good football sense imo.
Fox and Oxger do real good in compering this show and are great though some less interruption Oxger when others are chatting would make the show even Better, imo and no offence intended neither... at times a conversation can be in full bloom and you step-in and kill off the chat, not great imo, so perhaps let folks actually chat to each other without bluntly stopping it , please mate ?


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Bridgeman is keeping it going ... for the Rangers!

Oxger is an accomplished anchorman - he sounds so different when I met him at The Bistro mind u!

Keep up the great work guys, I miss my catchup at work in the morning on the previous nights show. Can't believe I've been listening now for 6 years when it was RangersChat!


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As long as the wee guy who says "mate" every second word is taking a sabbatical it's winner!


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great, looking forward to listening to what should be a very interesting show tonight,
keep it going for the Rangers