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Cannot wait!! International breaks are absolute bollocks but u still have gers radio to keep you sane, winter break way hee haw Football and no gers radio has been absolute dug sh!te!!
look forward to hearing you’re dulcet tones.


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Rangers radio will be joined tomorrow night by bill mcmurdo the famous football agent and bluenose


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Absolute quality Ox and thanks to Bill.
Great insight on certain things.
Last night's Rangers Radio show with Bill McMurdo being interviewed by Oxger was fabulous. Bill was very open and not phased by any of the questions from Oxger. He didn't get pulled up for swearing mind u!

Best interview yet Ox, well done!

The full replay will of course be available on the mixlr archive etc.

To hear MoJo being called "that wee bastard" ... LOL!
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Really enjoy listening to RangersRadio.

The passion all the guys have on it for our club is obvious.

Remember last time I listened someone brought up a great point about Cummings and Windass.

About how a bottom half championship team want rid of Cummings but we were desperate to keep hold of him.

And how a top half premier league team were seriously interested in Windass but we wanted rid.

Was a big fan of Cummings, still am, but it was a very good point that had not crossed mind until someone brought it up on the show.
I was gutted to see cumdog go,,felt he didnt get a fair crack at it. Still think theres a 25 goals a season striker in there somewhere

Govan loyal

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the show is back tonight 9 pm till 11 pm with a summer update
thank god i know yous all have a life but its been difficult for us Rangers radio punters having hee haw to listen to since may lol am sure bridgeman will have a thing or 2 to say on the shambles that is SPFL


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Great stuff , had to listen to danny kelly and then those 2 wankers cundy & goldstein at night be good to listen to some Rangers chat