Raskin’s Socks!


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Reskin - “they’re talking about what? socks, eh???”
he can wear clown shoes if he proves to be a player for us, we would not care, long as there’s no green of course, got to draw the line somewhere:p

DJ Blue

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Turd Ferguson

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"As a devout Catholic, sunsport understands that raskin has held crisis talks with the Ibrox hierarchy in order to come to a compromise on his socks. " I don't want to be up to my knees in anything" he stated after an ineffectual 10 minute debut."


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Obviously a sly attempt at bigotry. Commemorating the time the protestants trampled through shin deep snow to reach and get up to their knees in f*nian blood. Massive faux outrage incoming.


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Someone needs to start a thread on why there was a 1.1mm squared piece of grass half a millimetre longer than the rest of the pitch.


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I actually think white socks with a red top with thin black section under it would be quite nice for an away strip. Do your thing Castore.