Real Madrid/Ancelloti match reaction

Teddy Casablanca

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Despite being a bit understrength I think Madrid fans would still expect to beat Rangers. Real Madrid is arguably the most famous football name on the planet. Their supporters would think it's only Rangers we`ll beat them no problem. I say to Real fans or any other fans for that matter underestimate Rangers at your peril, I have seen many Rangers teams since the mid-sixties and this present team has so much potential to really do amazing things. I just wish my old dad was still with us to witness this coming season it would definitely put a smile on his big baw face.:))


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Imagine the hysteria in both Glasgow and Liverpool if we drew Liverpool. Battle of Britain, Stevie G versus Liverpool.
It’s one of those ones I just feel that fate has planned, and despite it being a crazy ask, that same feeling is saying reckon we at least four points from. At that the games we also break with tradition and hold our scarfs up and some sing to their anthem, such is our mutual feelings about Gerrard. The press go gaga about it and it is recognized as being two of the greatest CL games in its history.

It’s good I got this foresight of what is in store, because I don't need to worry about the next two rounds for qualification.

Probably. B-D
I enjoyed the match, from a Rangers perspective it was a satisfying runout and excellent preparation for next week.
The win was also something that we can cherish, after all, it is Real Madrid and they are probably the most magical name on the planet.
However, from Madrid's point of view, it was very much just a pre-season friendly with an experimental team lineup and a few key players missing.
Both clubs will keep a sensible perspective.
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy it. :D
This type of sensible comment and logic is refreshing in here.


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One friendly game has added millions to Kent's value. Make no mistake, every top side will be looking at him. The guy has everything, I just hope we can keep him for this season. Genuinely feel that with him, Kamara, Hagi, Barisic et al we have the ability to go very far in the champions league. We are now a team of genuine talent, and , more importantly, Gerrard has them playing together like a bunch of mates down the park. Can't put a price on that kind of team spirit.