Realistic Walking Time From Ibrox To Central Station


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I'm on the last London train home which is 5.40pm this Saturday. Will I be able to do that without becoming part of the subway loyal?
Game finishes say about 4.50. Dont under estimate the time it takes to get from your seat down to Edmiston Drive. With a big crowd people tend to walk slow. So it could be 5pm by the time you're on Edmiston Drive. Keep in mind, I tend the find the area where Edmiston Drive meets Copland Road tends to move very slowly. Not until you get onto Paisley Road West you can walk at a decent pace.

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Another option is walk to Exhibition Centre - 20 minutes - and regular train straight to Glasgow Central.

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I normally stay over but need to be back in London Saturday night so need to get that train. I normally walk but normally stop for a beer so have never had to leg it before. Looks like I'm going to have to put a wee funny walk to be safe :))

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I walk it every home game unless it's pishing or we drive. About 40 mins from Buchanan Street bus station, so 30 mins sounds about right.


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Subway would get you ther in time dad manages to get to the bus station for 17:45 leaving on 89 mins . If you want to be quicker walk to Govan station get the train that goes to Ibrox next stop .