Really miss not having midweek games


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Missing the mid-week game too, but the players looked fresher and sharper last week as a result which is the most important thing with the tough run of fixtures we have coming up


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wont be long until we are back to Thursday then Sunday (hopefully for a reasonably long time :)

but right now - I would say the players will benefit from time on training ground and the rest and recovery aspect.


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Definitely miss them during the week, but the midweek breaks seem to have landed at a right good time for us. Few injuries on the go and and a bit of breathing space ahead of a busy run-in, without an actual shutdown/break seems pretty ideal on paper.


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Yes, but glad of the break for the players - thought there were a few tired legs in December. We needed this extra time for recovery to continue our run in and get ready for the European games


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Not long until the Europeans are back. On the plus side the Tim’s will be playing every 3/4 days now and whilst I wont watch them it’s incredibly entertaining to be on Twitter as they implode
I really hope 'they' drop a few more points and then our lead will be so huge we could even try and be clever with the squad to allow for a decent push at the Europa League - extra cash plus extra coefficient points will help us for seeding for this years CL qualifiers and also might result in the winners of the SPL next year getting straight into the group stages. That would surely be a great incentive for Stevie to stay around even longer

Eddie Doc

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Quicker the games, the quicker we win it but I'm glad the players are getting a rest and it gives us a chance to get Roofe and Jack back in the team hopefully.

Gazza 8

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I agree OP but ultimately it's probably best for the players just now.

On a different note.. how lucky are we as fans that we regularly see our club go deep in 4 competitions.

At times it gets to the point where we can be at Ibrox 3 times in a week depending on fixtures.. or we arrive home from a mad Euro away trip the day before we need to jump on a bus to travel up to Dingwall.. it's fu.cking awesome.

Compare that to the like of an Everton or Newcastle who for the majority of the season have full weeks in between their games.. %^*& that!


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In a sense but at the same time as most before me have said it's good the team/squad get time to rest and maybe work on things they couldn't get a chance to. Hopefully we'll be all the fitter for the run in.


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I miss going to them more than anything. I was working in Williamwood last season and loved hopping on the train after work and getting straight into the boozer. The recent Europa campaigns have been incredible football.


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Yes, I know it’s selfish because the players are getting time to refresh themselves for the weekend games but it’s a long wait to get our fix of this great team.

Anyone else missing the Thursday then Sunday matches?
It’s a bit more than that, it means our excellent coaching team have more time with the team.
Constant mid week games not only add to the possibility of injuries but also expose our players to COVID whilst going to different grounds etc.
I’m all for the reduced workload for us right now.
It’s all about landing 55, nothing else matters not even the Scottish cup.


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The week just feels insanely long without midweek games. Thankfully we have Sharkheid entertainment to fill the gap, but it isn't the same as watching our own games or the crazy FF match threads.