Records front page missing from BBC Scotland website


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We need to ramp up the pressure on these BBC arseholes. My TV license has been cancelled for weeks and I'm glad we are highlighting their bullshit on here and online.


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Celtic Peado stories were removed from BBC Scottish news and Glasgow and west pages when i checked earlier


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Usual suppressing the negativity on Beast FC

BBC are scum

Anyone really believe Daly will highlight them in bad light on the abuse scandal needs to wise up

They are protecting the scum paedo harbouring bastards at every turn


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They relegated this to a minor story almost as soon as the latest beast was caged. It seems the spirit of Savile is alive and well in Pacific Quay.


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On top of the outed paedos, we need to know if there are more.

We also need to know everyone that has been complicit in the vile cover up. Celtic and directors and employees, all sorts of media sources, political figures, clergy, celebrities,police and law enforcement, every single last paedo denier or enabler must be named in a proper enquiry and punished to all or any available laws.

Victims need compensating properly and full apologies from all that enabled this to rumble on for decades treating them shamefully.

The silence from certain quarters including Celtic Park and Hampden makes me want to throw up.

All guilty parties including blind eye turners are sick weirdos.


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Why include the largest circulation newspaper in the country when showing copies of newspaper front pages??

The BBC - Bheast Bulwark Corporation.


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Kevin Kelly’s daughter.

I suppose given Kevin Kelly was part of the cover up, she’s none too pleased about.

The legitimate question is: why are BBC Scotland not reporting factual news, editorial bias must be in direct conflict with their charter.
Thanks for clarifying. Their reach knows no bounds. How the likes of the Kellys seem to land top jobs for generations sure is a coincidence eh


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The protest for Soldier F is at the Quay headquarters tomorrow. We need to get active like this. The last one was a shocking turnout with people using their own agendas not to go along. Too much squabbling in our support which renders us useless in any fight


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It really is unbelievable. Things like this should be highlighted to a wider audience. How though I don't know unfortunately.

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Daily Record is the 4th related link at the bottom page, so it would indicate that it's normally included.

Are there any links to previous days pages that would have included the Record front page?


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If you type “Celtic paedophile’ into the search bar the last result was from November last year regarding Torbett. There are only 3 results. There is something wrong here. The UK public broadcaster has a duty to report news, not cover up things. Who can be written to about this?
EDIT - by the way, I'm talking about the BBC News app - which is the national BBC not BBC Scotland
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BBC are used to protecting peadophiles

Why would the BBC be any different protecting the Celtic paedos when they have history of protecting their own paedos.

Disgusting organisation. Those who shield and protect paedos are every bit as bad in my opinion.


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Maybe the silence is due to the alleged upcoming documentary by Mark Daly ? or is that wishful thinking


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I thought I'd check if they regularly run the record front page. This page dated 17/04/19 shows that they do.

Why the omission today?

If we can highlight this with the national BBC instead of the cfc fan club we may be able to effect change and get fair reporting and open reporting. Or at least get someone to keep a closer eye on them as they clearly can't be trusted.