Records player valuation ours vs theirs


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They’ll submit the values given in the Daily Rebel?
Not exactly what I was thinking but, I’m sure you know that.
However, just to be clear, I believe they’ll overstate their player values, also their land values and the value of any other asset they can and by as much as they’ll get away with, in order to boost their company.


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Written by Tims, for Tims.

The Record is now just the C*ltic View in all but name. A propaganda machine that’s about as unbalanced as you can get.


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They're actually making arses of themselves :D

A joke rag. You'd be better buying The Celtic View as their bias would at least be official.


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The whole thing is silly. Players like McGregor, Davis and Defoe are virtually worthless when it comes to transfer fees because of their age and guys like Halliday, Flanagan, Wes aren't worth anything either, also we're not going to sell players like Aribo and Katic for 7 million combined. Was hilarious seeing that lot have a meltdown on twitter about it though, saying things like you got Kamara for 50k, no chance he's worth 6 million now as if he hasn't bossed their midfield in half the games he's played against them for us, played well in Europe and played a part in getting Finland to the Euro's also the predictable Level 5 comments the second someone writes something they dont like to hear in the media


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So the dfb's rate their teams players higher than ours, who would've thought that, f**k them all anyway things like this will just make it all the sweeter for me if we do win 55 this year and having had to overcome a team worth pure gazillions more than ours in the process, they'll all be suicidal, its gonna be epic if we can pull it off.