Red and black scarf.


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I’ve got my red & black scarf and my red, white & blue bar scarf together in my office and I strongly believe that the red & black scarf should always be a reminder of this last decade.

I came to post the exact same thing. Both hang twisted together in my study.


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My red and black scarf will remain close by my red and black shirt as a reminder of where we were and what we as a club and a support went through.


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I've got mine hanging beside me as I type, along with the rest of the scarves I've picked up over the years. I've wore it to games over the past ten years or so but think I might retire it after Saturday. Leave it hanging on my wall beside an old scarf of my Dad's and some others from when i was younger. We should never forget what we have suffered, it makes 55 all the sweeter.


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Never even crossed my mind but that's a good shout
Think I'll dig mine out take it with me Saturday, somehow it feels appropriate

Blood hell that's just set me off btw, I'm going to be a wreck Saturday


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Christ, never thought a thread about a red and black scarf would make me emotional but here we are. What a day Saturday is going to be, a decade of hurt and misery and it’s finally gone. We’ve got our club back.


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The fence across from the main stand should be covered in them as a tribute to our rise to the top,
We’ve achieved our target of being number 1 in the country in style the black and red scarfs were a statement we should make another one.