Referees - What is the problem and what can we do about it?


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We went for the wrong one with Collum. He is one of the less bad ones.

Clancy is by far the biggest cheat of them all.

I have said for a while now that the refereeing in Scotland is killing Scottish football. So long as they allow the thuggery which they do then we are playing a different game to the rest of the world. England has adapted - we still live in the 80s.

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We are to saft as a club.
Give me david holmes and souness s attitude.
They would shit a brick with those 2.
And a campbell ogilvie as secretary as well.


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We need the players to step up they all just roll over and take these mistakes. Seen on Saturday with Arfield chance all Hibs defence turned to shout at the linesman that he was offside. Not 1 Rangers players even raised a hand. They make these decisions because they get away with it too easy.


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Easy . Over the past 21 years since that day in May 99. Celtic , their fans and the media have intimidated refs to the point where it’s not worth the hassle on their own personal lives to give a game changing decision against them. They are only human and over the years we have seen windows panned in , physical attacks on a field and abuse from all sides resulting in that ref strike. Most arnt corrupt in the sense they are taigs . But they are corrupt in the fact most will just take the easy option. It’s not worth the effect on them personally and their family
Proof that intimidation works.

Stevie McDougall

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We need to challenge every decision that we consider unfair, wrong and speak out every time.
Highlighting the lot, bad refs, media and video footage.
This has to be done.
It should have happened much sooner. It must happen now.
It's up to you Rangers.


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so you think
Writing books
Making a movie
Hiring private detectives
Causing a ref strike
Wanting to pick there own refs
Smashing refs houses up
Send refs deaths threats
Is al acceptable behaviour ??? Really ??

Acceptable? No.

Effective? Well you tell me which team is cultivating all of the above and which team is getting shafted with regularity. I think you will find they aren’t the same.

mark hateley

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Who the fuuk would want to be a referee in a football match.

It is not the best way to earn a few coins.

Gary Mitchell

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Jock Stein used their paranoia to say they they had to beat Rangers and the refs. We cannot sat that these days.
We need to pressure refs, on the pitch, in a polite way. Question decisions, spread it about.
As I pointed out, on Sunday, they got an offside decision in their favour, but no Rangers player claimed off side. If 2 or 3 had claimed, it make the linesman think.
Tav regularly tries to talk to the ref and gets blanked totally agree with the offside thing but honestly think it would've been ignored, hibs had 3 players on yellows imo we should've gone after them and in days gone by would have.
It's now a case of damned if we do damned if we don't we need a siege mentality everyone is our enemy that has to be drilled into players, call for everything and the quieter players have to be willing to take one for the team so to speak the only way to beat a bully is head on the board MUST come out swinging at some point as the refs,SFA and every other bastard are unsettling players and coaching staff.

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In the case of the referee simply being inept, which is the vast majority, if Septic kick up a stink about their performance, a compliant media back them up, as do the authorities. Rangers make a mild criticism and it's met with derision and outrage from the media and results in the 'culprit' being cited.

I'm also convinced a couple of refs (we all know who) are genuine cheats, because no-one can be so consistently inept against one team. The evidence of this, of which there is plenty, simply goes unreported. If that lot had the catalogue of wrong decisions go against them that we have, all hell would have broken loose.

We don't just need to be better than them this season to win the league. We need to be miles better. Ineptitude and cheating WILL continue to cost us goals and points.
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