Remember the Wink


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Jesus, can’t believe that it has been ten years. First time I met him o was a wee boy and I thought he was the coolest guy ever!


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Had the pleasure of meeting him & sharing many a youth game with him back in the days with @Laudrup1 & @rangeral

A fantastic man
Aye, a mountain of a man in more ways than one.

Used to love the abuse his dished out to opposing fans. Feart of no one and it led to some comical happenings.

Can't believe it's a decade either. I mind his wee grandson that used to run about at the games at Auchenhowie too who he doted on. He'll be about 15 now too!


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He kindly sent me a PM with Gordon in the TO direct line when I was struggling to get some tickets sorted out from overseas and was on a general thread. Always regarded him as a true gentleman.


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Remember him & Gordon way back when the reserve league west was on the go. Any reserve/youth game i attended they were there.
Can't believe it's been that long.


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Sad sad day when he passed, can't belive it was ten years ago. His kids carry the tradition on admirably.

I’ve an ambition to fit a filter to Angie or a time delay just so she has a wee pause before she speaks – probably won’t help mind you!


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Met him on many a Euro trip.
Heading to Leverkusen on the ferry from Newcastle he fairly shifted with the dance moves, his daughter was always there or nearby.

RIP Gary.


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Sat behind Garry in Copland Road for several years

He was a total credit to the club and one of the loudest Bears I’ve ever heard at games. A trueblue Rangers man.

Went to his funeral and can’t believe it’s 10 years ago

RIP Garry


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Didn’t know him personally but a memory popped up on my Facebook today with a quote from him when asked what his favourite Rangers game on tv was and his reply was “I don’t know Iv never seen them on tv”
That was in response to a thread I started on here asking what your first Rangers TV game was.

It was shortly before he passed away.

Jan Wyck

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There are still times and places I somehow expect to see him.

Or hear that voice! :))
No matter where The Gers took to the field you would hear that voice. Great days listening to Gadger holding court in a pub in some far corner of Europe in the 70's and 80's.


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Never met the man but I remember the positivity surrounding him on here when the news broke. Unreal that it was 10 years ago.
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